7 Signs She’s Wasting Your Time

I was so into this girl that I did anything for her. She made me happy and very frustrated that it eventually hit a breaking point. When a great woman came along, which was rare before doing the masculine charisma work, I did everything not to lose her. And everything I did to keep her … Read more

Lighten the f*ck up

I love personal growth, it’s paramount for us to evolve, grow and heal our wounds so we help the next generation to suffer less. Our intentions are very noble. But our methods can be very questionable. The paradox of when you are in this world, there is a lot of focus on the issues that … Read more

Why The World NEED Masculine Fathers!

What Young Men Need

There is a masculinity CRISIS! Men around the world are a former shell of what they once were… Whether it’s from the mysterious drop in the average male grip strength to the epidemic of nice-guys that have infested the dating market, men aren’t what they used to be. Men around the world are more confused … Read more

What You Chase You Become

Men who constantly chase, think and dream of women and relationships become financially, emotionally, and time poor. They are also quick to feel lonely in or out of a relationship because they are so dependent on the external feeding their happiness and self-worth, they fail to tap into their internal power. Chasing isn’t the problem; … Read more

The “Nice-Guy Lie” And Why So Many Men Fall For It

In recent years there has been an active push against the traditional male.  Masculinity is shamed. Men speaking their mind is “Male privilege” And men are given the worst relationship advice imaginable: “Just be you” “If you wait, the right one will show up for you” “Women love emotional guys”’ After being fed these lies … Read more

9 Hallmarks Of A Nice-Guy

If you suffer from the “NICE-GUY-SYNDROME”, you are likely to suffer from some, if not all, of these common issues I encounter in my coaching practice. Anger, resentment and anxiety are all too common in all NICE-GUYS. They play down their rage.  Nice-guys spend a lot of time coming across as nice and pleasing so … Read more