What Is Charisma And Does It Require You To Be Handsome?

Masculine Charisma by Faisal Khokhar

While our eyes can instantly identify an individual as charismatic, many men can’t seem to put the trait into words. And as a result of not having a clear definition of charisma, most men don’t even know where to start their journey into the life of a charismatic man… So what is charisma? And does … Read more

The 5 Emotional Struggles Of The “Nice-Guy”

We all struggle emotionally. I know I do and I know many other men do too. The thing with negative emotional energy cannot be contained, not for long anyway. It either leaks as bad habits or leads to unexpected self-sabotaging outbursts. The ‘nice-guy’ (syndrome for men who complain that they are unlucky in love despite … Read more

What Young Men Need Today

What Young Men Need

Young men need solid and frequent presence from elder, wiser and mature men to evolve, feel confident and be great men. I was late to the party to go from a boy to man psychology (in constant progress) as I didn’t have men around me that lead from the front to learn from. Most men … Read more