9 Hallmarks Of A Nice-Guy

If you suffer from the “NICE-GUY-SYNDROME”, you are likely to suffer from some, if not all, of these common issues I encounter in my coaching practice.

Anger, resentment and anxiety are all too common in all NICE-GUYS.

They play down their rage. 

Nice-guys spend a lot of time coming across as nice and pleasing so everyone will like them, therefore they are over flexible and accommodating at their own expense.

Eventually, years of harbouring resentment will eventually erupt as rage because they didn’t speak up in the moment, draw a boundary, or keep giving with nothing in return.

9 Hallmarks Of A Nice-Guy: 

1️⃣ Anger / Resentment

2️⃣ Anxious / Impatient

3️⃣ Jealous / Controlling

4️⃣ Possessive

5️⃣ Mood Swings

6️⃣ Binge Social/Eating

7️⃣ Easily Distracted

8️⃣ Weak In Relationships

9️⃣ Addictions (Porn, Masturbation, Drinking, Complaining…)

For every “nice-guy,” watch out for the “nice-girl” who will harbour similar traits. 

She may not be addicted to porn, but she may be addicted to seeking external constant attention through connection, sex and or social media.

4 Ways To Overcome The Nice-Guy Traits

❶ Start saying no.

❷ Understand and meet your own needs.

❸ Be process-focused, not outcome-focused.

❹ Join a men’s group and get support from coaches/therapists

For a solid recovery, work with a coach or therapist who specialises in “nice-recovery” or you can contact me for your recovery journey or join my men’s group which focuses on helping men recover from the ‘nice-guy-syndrome.’