The “Nice-Guy Lie” And Why So Many Men Fall For It

In recent years there has been an active push against the traditional male. 

Masculinity is shamed.

Men speaking their mind is “Male privilege”

And men are given the worst relationship advice imaginable:

  • “Just be you”
  • “If you wait, the right one will show up for you”
  • “Women love emotional guys”’

After being fed these lies it is no surprise that these men suffer a massive hit to their attractiveness to the opposite gender…

Slowly but surely, the strong, responsible men who speak their minds are brutally disposed of to make room for weak, insecure nice guys. 

But where did this push against masculinity originate? And how did so many men fall for this sugar-coated lie?

Pressure from mainstream media

Are nice guys attractive?

According to popular TV series and many surveys the answer should be a clear “yes”,

But why is it that despite the exponential rise in nice guys, more men than ever are virgins…

In fact, the number of men under 30 not having sex has nearly tripled in the past decade alone.

The 40-Year-Old Virgin

So what is the reason behind this discrepancy? 

The answer to this question is simple: Women, despite what the media tells you, can’t STAND nice guys…

From the awkward conversations to the absolute lack of masculine frame, women are instinctually repulsed by a man whose main trait is being “nice”.

But despite this repulsion, most women feel obligated to say that they like nice guys because that’s the right thing to say…

And this causes a discrepancy between reality and emotion, leaving millions of men in utter confusion.

This type of behaviour has been observed many times in recent years, most recently with the: “Dad-bod craze”.

Will Smith Dad Bod

Women all over the world stated their love for men who have “a bit of fluff” to them, yet we all know that when an overweight man walks into a room no one stares in awe at his protruding belly…

And these men still fell for the lie DESPITE knowing deep down that no woman finds a man with a gut more attractive than a fit man…

“plus size women admit they aren’t attracted to overweight men” maybe you can see some hypocrisy in the heading too?

SOLUTION: Don’t look at what women SAY, watch what they DO! 

If you just follow this tip you’ll save yourself from falling into any future relationship lies!

The “toxic-masculinity” paradox

There was a time that masculinity was not only celebrated, it was NECESSARY.

Throughout the majority of human history, any civilization that didn’t have strong, masculine men would be wiped out without a chance to retaliate.

By who?

By the civilizations that DID have strong and masculine men.

I can assure you that the Vikings didn’t call masculinity “toxic”…

They wouldn’t have been able to leave their remarkable mark on history otherwise.

So why is it that there are hordes of people pushing against this major driver for human civilization and prosperity?

The answer is:


People no longer need brave, strong protectors, so men have been given the liberty to become weak and lazy nice-guys.

But while civilization has changed rapidly, it will take a long, long time before our sexual instincts come close to catching up.

And that is why many women can fight against masculinity and still not be attracted to the nice-guys who by all means should be perfect for them.

They’re attracted to masculine providers all the same.

So what is the verdict on this “toxic masculinity”? 

It is without a doubt a myth and a term used by insecure people.
So if men want to stay strong against this dangerous myth, they’ll have to stay true to their masculinity and keep on striving for masculine excellence.

An epidemic of male laziness

Contrary to the notion that a growing number of men have subscribed to from pick-up-artists (PUA)….

Men are NOT the prize.

When it comes to the game of life, men are always in the position of the challenger.

Regardless of whether it’s business, relationships, and even sex.

The burden of performance has always been on the shoulders of men.

And in recent times, more and more men are stepping down from these expectations and trying to take the comfy nice-guy route only to be SMACKED by the reality that women find up to 80% of men unattractive…  

Think about it, when was the last time you saw a woman pick up a guy, or catcall him when he is walking down the street?

Never, right?

Ok not true, it’s very very rare. 

I know it happened to Faisal Khokhar recently in London where a woman walked back and approached him. She was intrigued by his magnetic presence.

But these are Unicron moments for 99% of men.

So if you’re waiting for a woman you desire to come sweep you off your feet, you shouldn’t hold your breath.

But on the bright side, if you take on this burden and excel to your highest potential, you’d find that most modern men aren’t a competition.

Just by putting in a little bit of self-work, you’d be ahead of 90% of men today.

The bar is that low.

So if you’re willing to put in the work and are looking for the best way to boost your charisma, confidence and masculine frame,

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