7 Traits That Make Peaky Blinders’ Thomas “Tommy” Shelby Alpha

Tommy Shelby Peaky Blinders

If you’ve watched the series on Netflix Peaky Blinders, you cannot help but get magnetised by Thomas Shelby’s charisma. And you won’t be the only one. His self-assured self is potent because he carries the charismatics we recognise and aspire to strengthen. Whatever the causes, charismatic masculine traits are undeniably irresistible. Tommy distinguishes himself from … Read more

3 Ways Relationship Habits Kill Attraction

Ever wondered why the excitement in a relationship fades away? As soon as the dating period is over, most couples start to forget the rules of attraction, the magnetic energy that brought you together and the insatiable feeling of wanting more of each other. ATTRACTION is also one area that really confuses everyone because it’s … Read more