Going DEAF: How We Involuntarily Respond to Conflict and Trauma

DEAF is an involuntary Nerve Fracture (trauma) response to conflict or confrontation, leading to excessive behaviours such as Defending, Excusing, Attacking, or Fawning, driven by fears of rejection, loss of control, or shame. DEFEND: This reaction involves protecting oneself from perceived criticism or threats through defensiveness, over-explaining, or rationalising one’s actions. It is often seen … Read more

Trapped in Her World: The Invisible Struggle of Emotionally Fractured Men

In the complex world of human emotions, the concept of ‘Emotional Fracture’ plays a critical role, especially in the lives of many men. This fracture, deeply rooted in fears of abandonment, rejection, and feelings of unworthiness, doesn’t just influence a man’s emotions; it dictates where he ‘lives’ emotionally. Let’s explore this intriguing concept further, understanding … Read more

Spot the Spoiled-Brat Reflex (SBR): 7 Toxic Red Flags in Your Relationship

With a look into the intricate dynamics of relationships, particularly focusing on a phenomenon we’ve termed the ‘Spoiled-Brat Behavior Reflex’. This reflex manifests as a series of reactive, often toxic patterns that can subtly yet significantly erode the foundation of a relationship. It’s crucial to recognize these patterns, not just in our partners, but also … Read more

3 Signs Of Passive-Aggressive Nice-Guys and Girls

Passive-Aggressiveness, a spectrum is a weapon used by many people. It appears in relationships, parenting, work, or business, especially if you are extremely fractured (check out 5fractures.com). 3 SIGNS OF PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE: Indirect Communication: Passive-aggressive behaviour often involves expressing negative feelings indirectly rather than openly discussing them. For example, someone might make sarcastic comments, give … Read more

12 High-Value Character Laws To Be A Masculine Man

Masculine Man

01. DETACHMENT – Ultimate power is reserved for the man who is willing to walk away.  Embrace a ‘take-it-or-leave-it’ attitude; you’ll unapologetically command your freedom. 02. MASCULINE-FRAME – The man who stands firm and composed in his frame calmly dictates and leads the rules of engagement. Hold your frame fearlessly; but flexible in your approach; … Read more