Red Flags and Nice-Guys When Dating

Nice-Guys and Red Flags

I’m at the beach with my 12-year-old son. Red flags cover the beach and I’m tempted to swim. “Don’t be silly dad, it’s dangerous.” Then my son spent a few minutes telling me that just because it’s sunny and seems reasonably calm, the biggest danger is what we cannot see immediately. He informed me that … Read more

Andrew Tate’s 7 Lethal Charisma Secrets

He’s been banned from social media. He’s been called the epitome of toxic masculinity, a misogynistic pri*k.  His views on fat people, depression and women have poured outrage.  Controversial social media superstar Andrew Tate will have you either love him or hate him. There is no middle ground and that’s the way he wants it; … Read more

“I Want A Real Man” She Says…

“I Want A Real Man” She Says

Have you ever heard a woman say “I want a real man” or “where have all the real men gone?” Do you find that offensive as a man? If you do, carry on reading… She might not be wrong; let me tell you why. The metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly is one of the most … Read more

Masculine and Feminine Energy Chart

Masculine and Feminine Energy Chart

Every human has both Yin and Yang energies. Most men have higher innate masculine energy and most women have higher innate feminine energy. Our shell energy can change and mould over time depending on the environment, culture, beliefs and how we are raised. Society is damping boys’ masculine energy to make them softer, and women … Read more

Men Who Fear Women’s Emotions

Have you ever stayed late at work, spent time in a bar after work or even sat in the car rather than going home to your partner? You cannot be honest with a woman if you fear her emotions. If you are co-dependent and enmeshed, you’ll fear her. If you are an individuated man, you’ll … Read more

9 Ways To Be Unapologetically Charismatic Like Harvey Specter

He can be savvy, sarcastic and obnoxious at times, but what makes  Harvey Specter from the TV series Suits have awe-inspiring magnetism? Let’s find out Harvey Specter’s 9 Charisma Points: 1) STRONG SELF-IMAGE Harvey Specter has a strong self-image and sees himself as an incredibly capable, intelligent and high-status man.  His independence allows him to … Read more