3 Signs Of Passive-Aggressive Nice-Guys and Girls

Passive-Aggressiveness, a spectrum is a weapon used by many people. It appears in relationships, parenting, work, or business, especially if you are extremely fractured (check out 5fractures.com). 3 SIGNS OF PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE: Indirect Communication: Passive-aggressive behaviour often involves expressing negative feelings indirectly rather than openly discussing them. For example, someone might make sarcastic comments, give … Read more

12 High-Value Character Laws To Be A Masculine Man

Masculine Man

01. DETACHMENT – Ultimate power is reserved for the man who is willing to walk away.  Embrace a ‘take-it-or-leave-it’ attitude; you’ll unapologetically command your freedom. 02. MASCULINE-FRAME – The man who stands firm and composed in his frame calmly dictates and leads the rules of engagement. Hold your frame fearlessly; but flexible in your approach; … Read more

7 Biggest Complaints From Divorced Men

The internet is littered with complaints about men from bitter women, and sadly, the bitter men are following suit. Growing up, I was surrounded by endless gossip, feminized media (where men are shown as bumbling idiots), and movements perpetuating anti-male sentiments, all reinforcing the narrative that men were always the problem in relationships. At the … Read more

8 High-Value Masculine Habits To Build Resilience

8 High-Value Masculine Habits To Build Resilience

Seeking lasting change and transformation? Despite undergoing numerous courses, therapy, and training sessions, many people fail to get lasting change because of the lack of reinforcement through habits. What has proven effective for me and many I work with is the timeless strategy: change your habits, you change your life. Emotional junkies need a constant … Read more

Logan Paul’s Proposal to Nina Agdal: Hollywood Love Story or Nice-Guy Red-Flag Nightmare?

Logan Paul: The name probably rings a bell. You might know him as the influencer-turned-boxer or maybe as that YouTube sensation who’s dipped his toes into acting and wrestling. But here’s a new title he might not want on his résumé: ‘Nice-Guy Extraordinaire’. What’s a nice-guy? A ‘Nice-Guy’ is an angry, resentful man with low … Read more

Two Types of Love: Hard Work vs. Working Hard

There are two types of relationships 1️⃣ A relationship that is hard work.2️⃣ A relationship that works hard. In the early stages of dating, it’s crucial to recognise the trajectory of what you’re about to create. In the first type, we may find ourselves walking on eggshells, plagued by the constant fear of upsetting the … Read more

4 Ways To Prevent Attraction Death, Do This:

4 Ways To Prevent Attraction Death, Do This:

“If you stop leading, the intimacy will start bleeding.” Faisal Khokhar  👑 No more playing it safe; it’s time to unleash the true charismatic alpha within you! Once you get into a new relationship, it’s easy for nice-guys to become lazy, complacent and get into old comfy habits. Also, many nice-guy fractures start to emerge, … Read more