7 Body Language Signs She Likes You

Does she like me? Does she not? Every man has asked himself these questions at least a million times because female attraction signals to most men are as clear as having a conversation underwater. Most nice-guys need over 80% certainty that she is interested in him before making any advances. They don’t want the risk … Read more

9 Ways To Secure The Second Date

You know when you are really enjoying your first date and already in your head you are thinking, it’s going well and I can’t wait for the second date? And then the next day, she texts: “Thank you for the wonderful date, I really enjoyed it and you are a great guy. After thinking about … Read more

9 Things You Should Never Say After A Few Dates

Ever had a friend who every six months say: 1️⃣ “I Found The One” 2️⃣ “This Could Be It” 3️⃣ “It Feels Very Different” 4️⃣ “I Love Her” 5️⃣ “I Am Going To Marry Her” 6️⃣ “I’ve Known Her Forever” 7️⃣ “It Was Love At First Sight” 8️⃣ “We Have Intense Chemistry” 9️⃣ “It’s Meant … Read more

7 Traits That Make Peaky Blinders’ Thomas “Tommy” Shelby Alpha

Tommy Shelby Peaky Blinders

If you’ve watched the series on Netflix Peaky Blinders, you cannot help but get magnetised by Thomas Shelby’s charisma. And you won’t be the only one. His self-assured self is potent because he carries the charismatics we recognise and aspire to strengthen. Whatever the causes, charismatic masculine traits are undeniably irresistible. Tommy distinguishes himself from … Read more

The Victim & The Fragile Wimp

Sometimes in life, we get stuck. At some stage of their lives, most people will encounter a roadblock that they cannot pass, whether it is an illness, insecurity, or doubt. Some of us can get stuck in life for only a short period, or some can get stuck for decades. If you’re stuck in an … Read more

7 Signs She’s Wasting Your Time

I was so into this girl that I did anything for her. She made me happy and very frustrated that it eventually hit a breaking point. When a great woman came along, which was rare before doing the masculine charisma work, I did everything not to lose her. And everything I did to keep her … Read more