Happy International Women’s Day

This is to all the amazing women who bring colour to our masculine world with your feminine ways that leave us in awe. I love how you giggle and make cute noises with your light-hearted energy. I love how you grace the room with your silky elegance, radiant beauty and tender touch. I love your … Read more

7 Ways To Be Irresistibly Good With Women

Have you ever thought: Why do I fear talking to women? Why do women keep rejecting me? Why doesn’t she want to date or sleep with me? Why did she quickly lose interest? Why do I attract lunatic women? Why am I hopeless with women while others make it easy? Although there may be several … Read more

Valentine’s Day Isn’t For Real Men or Is It?

Valentine’s Day Isn’t For Real Men or Is It? This year I am boycotting Valentine’s Day, and here is why…. I remember my first ever Valentine’s Day with my first girlfriend. I went all out; I bought pretty much everything from a shop that I knew would put a smile on her face. And when … Read more

No More Mr Nice Guy London 2023

Dr. Robert Glover - No More Mr Nice Guy

You know how all boys have a hero? A figure who’s got special powers, fights the baddies, rescues the world and wins the girl…? Well, I got to meet one of my heroes.  Now, he doesn’t have a cape, but he does have a slick goatee and his name on a book that’s probably changed millions … Read more

ChatGPT: How Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Changing the Face of Online Dating For Shy Guys

If you’re a shy, introverted guy who struggles with the “nice guy syndrome,” online dating can be particularly challenging. It’s hard enough to put yourself out there and make a connection with someone, but when you’re not comfortable with small talk or making the first move, it can feel downright impossible. But what if there … Read more

10 Ways To Be A Charismatic Gentleman On A Date

10 Ways To Be A Charismatic Gentleman On A Date

Charisma is the key to success for any man looking to secure more dates and leave a lasting impression on the ladies. Most men settle for mediocrity, leading to dull and uninspiring dates. But with charisma, you’ll increase your chances of scoring a second date and taking things to the next level. Don’t just settle … Read more