Happy International Women’s Day

This is to all the amazing women who bring colour to our masculine world with your feminine ways that leave us in awe. I love how you giggle and make cute noises with your light-hearted energy. I love how you grace the room with your silky elegance, radiant beauty and tender touch. I love your … Read more

7 Ways To Be Irresistibly Good With Women

Have you ever thought: Why do I fear talking to women? Why do women keep rejecting me? Why doesn’t she want to date or sleep with me? Why did she quickly lose interest? Why do I attract lunatic women? Why am I hopeless with women while others make it easy? Although there may be several … Read more

Valentine’s Day Isn’t For Real Men or Is It?

Valentine’s Day Isn’t For Real Men or Is It? This year I am boycotting Valentine’s Day, and here is why…. I remember my first ever Valentine’s Day with my first girlfriend. I went all out; I bought pretty much everything from a shop that I knew would put a smile on her face. And when … Read more

No More Mr Nice Guy London 2023

Dr. Robert Glover - No More Mr Nice Guy

You know how all boys have a hero? A figure who’s got special powers, fights the baddies, rescues the world and wins the girl…? Well, I got to meet one of my heroes.  Now, he doesn’t have a cape, but he does have a slick goatee and his name on a book that’s probably changed millions … Read more

ChatGPT: How Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Changing the Face of Online Dating For Shy Guys

If you’re a shy, introverted guy who struggles with the “nice guy syndrome,” online dating can be particularly challenging. It’s hard enough to put yourself out there and make a connection with someone, but when you’re not comfortable with small talk or making the first move, it can feel downright impossible. But what if there … Read more

10 Ways To Be A Charismatic Gentleman On A Date

10 Ways To Be A Charismatic Gentleman On A Date

Charisma is the key to success for any man looking to secure more dates and leave a lasting impression on the ladies. Most men settle for mediocrity, leading to dull and uninspiring dates. But with charisma, you’ll increase your chances of scoring a second date and taking things to the next level. Don’t just settle … Read more

30 Places To Meet Single Women

30 Places To Meet Single Women

It can be challenging to meet new people and find places to meet singles, especially if you’re looking to find someone to date. Here are a few suggestions for places where you might be able to meet other singles: Overall, the key to meeting new people and finding places to meet singles is to be … Read more