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Former Tech Geek Turned International Coach & Speaker


I used to be an anxious, over-sensitive, shy tech geek. Now I am the founder of Masculine Charisma, a training and coaching company that helps men become Great Men, Confident Men, Charismatic Men.

I spent too much time overthinking, feeling insecure and never feeling enough; so I settled in love, sex and life.

Settling made me unhappy, resentful and angry because I usually ended up in unhealthy relationships, formed bad habits and felt stuck in life.

As an adult, I never felt like a real man, strong, confident and masculine; I constantly second-guessed myself and avoided conflict at any cost to keep the peace.

But really, I felt weak, cowardly inside. I hated it and I didn’t want anyone to know this.

Fast forward a few years, I didn’t see it coming; my life was about to change drastically.

"I can feel my growth and I can see it in the way people are behaving with me. I feel confident and I’m not afraid to speak my mind or to be in social interactions. It feels liberating."
Stefano Guerriero


“Charismatic Masculine Men date, sleep with and form healthy relationships with beautiful women time and time again while living a great life.”

The 'MC' Method helps men to feel powerful, be respected and create wonderful connections through it's Group Training & Coaching and 121 Deep Dive Coaching.

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