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Overcome the hidden '5 Masculine Fractures' and become the Charismatic Man that naturally attracts great women— no games, no disrespect, no compromises


And a big hello from London! As an NLP Men’s Coach and International Speaker for the past 8 years, I’ve been guiding men to become unapologetically irresistible to women without fu*king it up again or looking foolish.

The modern dating scene is harsh, more so if you’re battling the ‘5 Masculine Fractures’ (aka Nice-Guy Syndrome). Having navigated the tumultuous aftermath of a divorce and embarked on a ‘nice-guy’ recovery journey, I deeply understand the emotional rollercoaster it entails.

To save you from costly mistakes and wasted time on sucky dating apps and misguided anti-masculine advice, I’ve crafted a blueprint grounded in proven science, psychology, and real-life experience.

The blueprint has aided CEOs, entrepreneurs, dads, and even virgins in securing meaningful dates, genuine love, and unwavering respect, all while staying true to themselves and evolving as men, fathers and lovers.

Ready to embrace your best self? Let’s embark on this journey together, and I promise you, the best is yet to come.

Don’t believe men, check out Joe below:

Joe, 49, Sales Rep
"Faisal - working with you on my journey has proven extremely beneficial. It’s ninja level next level confidence and masculine charisma that is working with women! I am regularly dating and I've had more s£x in the last couple of months than I did in my entire marriage. Can’t thank you enough!"

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MASTER TRAINING: Masculine Charisma Blueprint

"Unlock The 6 Charisma Secrets To Date Women You’ve Always Wanted After A Breakup Or Divorce"

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"Find Your Inner Confidence And Charismatically Attract Women With Expert Coaching"