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Get the 3-step simple blueprint to confidently attract, connect and date your dream woman with International Dating Coach & Nice-Guy Recovery Specialist Faisal Khokhar

Joe, 49, Sales Rep
"Faisal- working with you on my journey has proven extremely beneficial. Not only do you come with all you’ve got, it’s ninja level next level confidence and masculine charisma that is working with women!"! Can’t thank you enough!"

Being Successful With Women Should Not Be a Struggle

Do you often feel shy and awkward when speaking to a woman you find attractive?

Without the practical skills to confidently date and become a high-value charismatic man, it’s going to cost you…


Rob, 43, a teacher in London is a social and funny man who can hold a decent conversation. But he could never turn his interactions into romantic or sexual ones with women he fancied.

As a result, women placed him in the “provider” box, not the “lover” box. This meant often being friend-zoned or rejected.

After he completed the 12-week 121 coaching programme, Rob went from a nice-guy to a charismatic masculine man women started taking notice of.

The results?
✅ 10x his online dating matches with a few profile hacks
✅ 4 x his replies on dating apps
✅ Gained confidence to approach any woman 6 out of 10 times (previously 0 out of 10).
✅ Easily create sexual attraction 7 out of 10 women (previous 2 out of 10)
✅ 8 out of 10 first dates lead to second dates (previous 2 out of 10)
✅ Insecurities, neediness and co-dependency were better managed.
✅ Felt less angry at women, the world and himself.
✅ Easily spotted toxic behaviour from women and moved on (9 out of 10 times).

Rob, like many of my clients, is not perfect, but has a flouring dating life with women he thought were out of his league.

He stands out from the average guy with his newfound masculine charisma.


Your nice-guy-recovery begins and your charismatic self arises with the simple 3-stages to attract, connect and date your dream woman and finally get what you want in love...


Meet and attract more women with a charismatic first impression where she uncontrollably desires to know more about you.


Master the irresistible seduction secrets women wish men knew to build a meaningful connection without the sleaze.


Take the connection to the next level with ease to build deeper intimacy and a future that'll make her feel safe and sexy.

How Do I Start?

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“What I like is I can be honest and genuine with women and still have attraction… and not in a way that is deceptive. I dated a woman for 2 weeks while she was on a work trip, she would get really excited to see me, I never had that before. Faisal gets it and has helped me to become assertive while being understanding. He does kick your ass, but in a really good way. I am now dating a lot more, this is helping me get to experience so I can settle down.”
Kano, 37, Engineer

International Dating Coach & Nice-Guy Recovery Specialist

Faisal's Nice Guy Transformation


I used to be an anxious, socially awkward, shy tech geek.

I am also a recovering nice-guy.

I spent too much time overthinking, feeling insecure and never enough; I settled in love, sex and life which made me unhappy, resentful and angry.

I would either end up in unhealthy, boring relationships or attract women I wasn’t attracted to.

Out of the blue, one event completely changed the path of my life.

I went through a crushing divorce. It was a devastating blow to my confidence and getting over it was no easy task on my own.

When I finally got back into the dating scene, I realised I suffered from the classic “nice-guy syndrome.” I wasn’t alone in my struggles.

I was very resistant at first, but I eventually got the much-needed help from coaches and therapists. The investment paid off.

Years later, I went from the “nice-guy” to a charismatic and confident masculine man that opened many bedroom doors ;). I get to date, connect and sleep with beautiful, intelligent and loving women that I used to think were way out of my league.

Faisal Khokhar Night Out

This lifestyle is unheard of for tech nerds, especially from my background.

So I didn’t want to keep all the secrets to myself. I wanted to help guys like me who needlessly struggle with dating, sex and life.

As a result, I created a revolutionary MC Blueprint where men can easily rebuild themselves to authentically captivate women and create memorable dates that lead to meaningful relationships while earning them deep respect.

In other words, you become a badass!

Why should 5% of the men have 100% of the fun? It’s NOW your turn too!

Faisal teaching with
Dr. Robert Glover
Faisal on the
eharmony show
Men's London Workshop
Faisal Speaking At ASOS
Faisal Speaking At ASOS


"I can feel my growth and I can see it in the way people are behaving with me. I feel confident and I’m not afraid to speak my mind or to be in social interactions. It feels liberating."
Stefano Guerriero

"Achieve Social, Sexual And Masculine Excellence"

Kill the beta-male nice guy insecurities, unmanly habits and overthinking to become the high-value man that gets attractive women, hot intimacy and deep respect without losing your true self.