Tired of being single and lonely? Ready to start dating after a breakup?

How To Be Irresistibly Charismatic And Attract Beautiful Women You Always Wanted Without Sleazy Tactics Or Nice Guy Behaviours In 12 Weeks

And Abolish Your Insecurities To Become The High-Value Man Women Cannot Resist Using The ‘Masculine Charisma’ Blueprint



You are ready to date after a breakup and done with crappy relationships, dead bedrooms and settling for less. You are determined to avoid repeating past errors and being taken advantage of but you don’t know where or how to start.


Online dating is a waste of time. You play it too safe and fear approaching & flirting as you don't know what to say or do. You haven’t been intimate in a while, or when you are, you can’t keep the desirable ones attracted. Time is quickly running out and you don't want to die alone.


You want to become a better man that women intensely desire and you want to feel comfortable in your skin without losing yourself. You struggle to eliminate your embarrassing nice-guy habits and insecurities that stop you from getting the love, sex and life you want.

First and foremost, I want to share that you are not alone in going through this as most men are clueless about how attraction, dating and being the kind of man women desire, but let me tell you that…

Faisal's Nice Guy Transformation

I had it all: the house, a loving wife, two incredible sons, and a successful business. Then one day, out of the blue, in my late 30s…

…she left with the kids. She said she felt unloved because I lacked the empathy to connect emotionally. She also complained I was controlling, insecure and over-emotional.  I was in a toxic relationship prior to my marriage where she was controlling, insecure and over-emotional.

I was devastated… I lost everything and struggled to move on.

I was in severe pain; I wanted to end it all… At rock bottom, I was forced to look at myself; it wasn’t pretty. I was hard on myself for failing as a man and father.

I was worried about getting back out there and starting again. I was even more anxious women would leave me and I’d be hurt again; this made me feel unlovable and low.

Eventually, I sought the help I badly needed because I wanted to be the best version of myself and be a great dad.

I had no idea I was missing crucial elements to becoming the man that women respected and highly desired. Modern society robs boys and men of these basic foundations…

I realised that being a ‘nice-guy’ was the number 1 thing that was killing my relationships and turning women off, and it wasn’t all my fault that I was badly failing, but it was my responsibility.

This led me to begin healing myself and overcome my embarrassing insecurities. I was desperate to know if a socially awkward tech nerd like me could live like a playboy.

Getting help created countless opportunities and allowed me to effortlessly flirt, date and form healthy relationships with loving women I thought were out of my league. I was in demand and it felt amazing…

…the number 1 message I bring to men is that if you improve your masculine charisma with great foundational skills in psychology and self-development, you can instantly and massively improve your sex appeal.

It wasn’t easy to figure this out at first, but there are proven principles that work over and over again. When used, women will stop seeing you as a ‘nice-guy’ and start seeing you as the lover they ultimately become infatuated with.

Now I am an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) coach with over 7 years of experience. I have put everything I have learned into a groundbreaking programme called the Masculine Charisma Blueprint (MCB).

The MCB is a 12-week intensive coaching programme which gives men the practical skills to attract, date and keep highly desirable women without needing to use sleazy pickup tactics.

MCB also elevates them to be charismatic men that women cannot resist, be great role models for their kids and live life with balls.

Check out some of my testimonials…


Meet Rob, 43, a divorced dad of two and a teacher in London is a social and funny man who can hold a decent conversation.

But he could never turn his interactions into romantic or sexual ones with women he fancied.

As a result, women placed him in the “provider” box, not the “lover” box. This meant often being friend-zoned or rejected.

After he completed the 12-week 121 coaching programme, Rob went from a nice-guy to a charismatic masculine man women started taking notice of.

The results?

✅ 10x his online dating matches with a few profile hacks

✅ 4 x his replies on dating apps

✅ Gained confidence to approach any woman 6 out of 10 times (previously 0 out of 10).

✅ Easily created sexual attraction with 7 out of 10 women (previous 2 out of 10)

✅ 7 out of 10 first dates lead to second dates (previous 2 out of 10)

✅ Insecurities, neediness and co-dependency were better managed.

✅ Felt less angry at women, the world and himself.

✅ Easily spotted toxic behaviour from women and moved on.

Rob, like many of my clients, is not perfect, but has a flourishing dating life with women he once thought were out of his league.

He stands out from the average guy with his newfound masculine charisma because he’s not a repressed nice-guy any more.


You want to make a lasting impression that she won’t forget that leads to a date, relationship or even marriage.

Or maybe you want to have fun after coming out of a long-term relationship.

Whatever you desire, it all begins with a small step followed by the right coaching to make it happen.

I’ve helped hundreds of men elevate from the “Nice-Guy” to the “Charismatic Masculine Man” that women irresistibly desire and fellow men respect in 3 simple steps.

The benefits of one-on-one coaching gets you there fast.

While I struggled to overcome my fears and personal doubts, most of the help I got came from men and coaches I met as I began to build my healing process.

What would your life look like if you could...



MASCULINITY=strength • CHARISMA=magnetism • SEDUCTION=intimacy

No man is born supremely confident and charismatic.

More likely, those men you are observing from a distance and somehow you envy because you see them chatting with no problem with any woman they want, seducing them quickly with their confidence and charisma…


The simple and proven 3-step inner game blueprint that quickly assembles your ultimate self from the inside out.

Supercharging your ability to become successful with women and confident in dating. Be that charismatic man that naturally attracts women.

As a man in the modern world, you must master 3 areas in your life to let go of all of your unwanted insecurities and bring back that masculine magnetic aura that women cannot resist.

Self-Mastery By Masculine Charisma

Transitions from boy psychology to man psychology and take back control of your life to become the high-value masculine man women desperately crave for.

  • DETOX: How to let go of the past hurt, guilt and anger to start afresh.
  • UNSHAKEABLE: How to abolish the people-pleasing “nice-guy” habits to develop a rock-solid mindset and manly habits.
  • FRAME-CONTROL: How to never take things personally or get pushed around by becoming assertive and remaining composed.
Superstar Charisma By Masculine Charisma

Ooze charisma so people love and value your company and open doors for you without you coming across as socially awkward or creepy.

  • BODY-LANAGUE: How to command respect and project authority with powerful body language and tone.
  • STYE: How to make a fashion statement that turns heads, conveys status and makes people curious about you.
  • ENERGY: How to emanate an ora that’s inviting and compelling where people wonder about you once you’ve left.
Sexual Attraction By Masculine Charisma

Discover the sleaze-free seduction secrets women wish men knew so you are sexually confident from the first meet all the way to the bedroom where she is bragging about you.

  • MEET: How to approach and meet women and be sociable without coming across as creepy.
  • ONLINE: How to set up a compelling dating profile and engage in texting that gets you dates.
  • ATTRACT: How to create instant chemistry, connection & attraction.
  • DATE HER: How to date like a gentleman where she wants to see you again.
  • SEDUCE HER: How to get physical where she feels safe and sexy and desires you passionately.
  • BUILD: How to deepen the attraction & connection to build a future.


  • Weekly coaching calls for 12 weeks.
  • Weekly accountability for impeccable integrity, consistency and habit building with Men’s Group (6 months included).
  • Get community support so you never feel isolated or lonely.
  • Access a library of powerful videos, training and lessons.

Q: How long is the 121 coaching?
A: MCB is a 12-week one-on-one intensive programme that will cover the 3 pillars according to where you are.

Q: How do I know this program will work for me?
A: The Masculine Charisma Blueprint isn’t for everyone and therefore you will need to book a discovery call to see if it will work for you and that you are the right match for it. MCB is based on proven principles of attraction, psychology, and masculine self-development that have worked for countless men before you. The coaching program is personalised to your individual needs and challenges, so you’ll receive specific guidance and support to overcome your obstacles and achieve your dating and mating goals.

Q: I don’t want to come across as sleazy or manipulative. Will this program teach me those tactics?
A: No, the Masculine Charisma Blueprint is an inner game programme designed to help you become a charismatic high-value man without resorting to sleazy pickup tactics or manipulative behaviours. You’ll discover how to authentically connect with women and build meaningful relationships based on mutual respect and attraction.

Q: Is this pickup (PAU) programme?
A: No. This is not pickup or sleazy training; this is character-based training for men who want to mature and be great men, fathers and lovers.

Q: I’m not sure I can afford the program. Is it worth the investment?
A: The Masculine Charisma Blueprint is an investment in yourself and your future happiness. You’ll learn the vital skills and techniques that men are desperately missing that will benefit you for the rest of your life, not just in your dating life but in your personal and professional life as well. 

Q: I’m worried I’ll lose myself or my values in the process of becoming more masculine. Is that a concern?

A: Not at all. The Masculine Charisma Blueprint is designed to help you become the best version of yourself, not someone else. You’ll learn how to embody masculine traits like confidence, assertiveness, and leadership while staying true to your values and identity. In fact, many men find that by embracing their masculinity, they become more comfortable in their own skin, feel more authentic in their interactions with women and finally enjoy life.

Q: I’ve had bad experiences with women in the past. How can I trust that this program will lead to positive outcomes?
A: The Masculine Charisma Blueprint is designed to help you overcome your insecurities and develop the skills and mindset you need to attract and maintain healthy relationships with women. While there are no guarantees in life or dating, many men have experienced positive outcomes from the program, including increased confidence, improved dating success, and healthier relationships by learning to overcome the nice-guy syndrome, stop being needy and co-dependent.  You’ll have the support and guidance of a trained coach throughout the program to help you navigate any challenges that arise.

Q: I don’t have the time for a 12-week program.
A: I completely understand your concern about the time commitment, but let me tell you that this program is designed to fit into your busy schedule. The coaching sessions are flexible, and we can work around your schedule to make sure you get the most out of the program. Plus, think about how much time and energy you’ll save in the long run by not having to waste time on unsuccessful dates or online dating that leads nowhere.

Q: I don’t have the money for this program.
A: I understand that investing in yourself can seem like a big financial commitment, but let me tell you that the cost of the program is a small price to pay for the life-changing results you will achieve. Imagine being able to meet, attract and connect with women you’ve always wanted. Plus, we offer different payment plans to make the program more affordable.

Q: Will I get enough support?
A: Totally. Not only will I be supporting you thought the journey, you will have access to my weekly private men’s group and training vault for six months. You’ll get weely accountability, and group coaching along with your 121 coaching and also have access to 100s hours of videos which covers topics from sexual shame, attachment, body language and much more.


Joe, 49, Sales Rep
"Faisal - working with you on my journey has proven extremely beneficial. It’s ninja level next level confidence and masculine charisma that is working with women! I am regularly dating and I've had more s£x in the last couple of months than I did in my entire marriage. Can’t thank you enough!"
“What I like is I can be honest and genuine with women and still have attraction… and not in a way that is deceptive. I dated a woman for 2 weeks while she was on a work trip, she would get really excited to see me, I never had that before. Faisal gets it and has helped me to become assertive while being understanding. He does kick your ass, but in a really good way. I am now dating a lot more, this is helping me get to experience so I can settle down.”
Kano, 37, Engineer
"I can feel my growth and I can see it in the way people are behaving with me. I feel confident and I’m not afraid to speak my mind or to be in social interactions. It feels liberating."
Stefano Guerriero

mcb - Testimonial

121 Coaching Testimonials - Masculine Charisma Blueprint

mcb - Testimonial

mcb - Testimonial


How Do I Start?

Follow the 3 simple steps to book a call with me so we can discuss how to get you unstuck:

❶ Schedule your FREE call (click here)

❷ Add a reminder to your calendar

❸ Show up with an open mind and a quiet place

Who This Is For

  • Ready to start meeting and dating beautiful, loving and kind women.
  • Ready to rebuild your confidence after a breakup that left you devastated, hurt and angry
  • Had enough of being the ‘nice-guy’ who gets pushed around?
  • Hesitant, but want to get out there, and date beautiful women
  • You want to be sexually confident and desired by women

Who This Is Not For

  • You blame others and don’t want to take responsibility.
  • You want an easy way out without doing the work.
  • You keep chasing new answers and cannot commit.
  • You want a change but are not ready for a change.


10 Ways To Be A Charismatic Gentleman On A Date

If you’ve had no luck with women or you’ve had unhealthy or lifeless relationships in the past that left you hurt. It's not your fault… You've been taught the wrong things about dating, women and success.

That's why we're here - to help show you the clear blueprint to becoming a man that women find irresistible and you feel great being.

The purpose of the "Masculine Charisma Blueprint" is to assemble your ultimate self from the inside out, allowing you to master attraction, life, and being a masculine man.

Once You Become A Charismatic High-Value Man:​

Instead, women will be drawn to your confidence and masculinity like moths to a flame… And in bed? Let's just say that "the sky's the limit."

Imagine being the kind of man who always has an edge, always knows what to say and how to act in any situation.

It’s all possible when you join MCB today, one of the most potent training for men.

Dr. Robert Glover, Author of "No More Mr Nice Guy"

To Faisal:
“From the time I met you in London, I was impressed by and drawn to your energy and charisma. I love how you played full out during the workshop and shared so much of your process. You were a role model and inspiration to others. I appreciate you and proud to call you one of my certified coaches”
Dr. Glover

"Isn’t It Time You Also Achieved Social, Sexual And Masculine Excellence?"

Finally, kill the nice-guy insecurities and unmanly habits to become the charismatic high-value man that makes women melt without losing your true self.