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I get nervous, tongue-tied or freeze when trying to talk to attractive women

2 / 11

I get stuck on what to say on dating apps, first encounters or on dates

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I don't know how to escalate (move from talking all the way to a date or the bedroom)

4 / 11

I fear I’ll say something inappropriate and make myself look stupid, especially in large groups

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I believe attractive women don’t find me attractive or desirable

6 / 11

On a date, I find it hard to relax and be myself, fearing not to upset her or say something wrong

7 / 11

I cannot get past the first date

8 / 11

I get over emotional or talk too much on a date

9 / 11

I find it hard to let go of an ex

10 / 11

I date the women I desire the most

11 / 11

I am flirty, charming and confident with attractive women

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