Masculine Charisma Coach Faisal Khokhar

One-on-One Coaching To Successfully Date After A Breakup With Expert Dating Coach, Faisal Khokhar, London

You want to make a lasting impression that she won’t forget that leads to a date, relationship or even marriage.

Or maybe you want to move through life with authority and command a room with your presence.

Whatever you desire, it all begins with a vision followed by the right coaching to make it happen.

I’ve helped hundreds of men just like you elevate from the “Nice Guy” to the “Charismatic Confident Man” that women desire, have extremely fun dates, have a thriving sex life and feel powerful as a man.

One-on-one coaching gets you there fast.

Get Powerful Coaching To:

Faisal Khokhar - Masculine Charisma Coaching Blueprint
Masculine Charisma Coaching Blueprint By Faisal Khokhar
  • Breaking FREE from co-dependency and the “nice-guy-syndrome” and becoming a confident and charismatic man women desire and men respect.
  • Release your hidden shame, resentment and pent up anger to become more grounded.
  • Develop a thick skin so you are not pushed around, instead become assertive and care less about what people think of you.
  • Build habits with discipline and consistency that aid your development and bring you fulfilment.
  • Create emotional resilience, mental toughness and be grounded in any challenging situation.
  • Banish the negative self talk: “I’m not good enough”, “I don’t deserve it”, “It’s too late” and develop an empowering internal dialogue.
  • Play out real-life dating & relationship seniors to remove sabotaging patterns, replacing them with healthy functional strategies that feel authentic and supportive.
  • Learn how to build intimacy, connection and keep the attraction alive without all the nagging, stress and walking on eggshells.
Unshakeable Confidence by Masculine Charisma

Unshakeable Confidence:
Get the balls of steel to approach, flirt and secure hot dates without rejection anxiety, freezing in the moment, or coming across creepy.


➕ Confidence Defined
➕ Body Confidence
➕ Detox Mind and Body From The Past
➕ and much more…

Superstar Charisma By Masculine Charisma

Superstar Charisma:
Turn heads as you walk into a room and leave a captivating impression she’ll never forget with your magnetic presence, confident body language and levelled up style.


➕ Charisma Defined
➕ Magnetic First Impression
➕ Gentleman’s Style and Looks
➕ and much more…

Sexual Attraction By Masculine Charisma

Sexual Attraction:
Start dating and mating by learning the secrets used by masterful seducers, so you are sexually confident from the first date to the bedroom, using a proven blueprint women wish men knew.


➕ Attraction Defined
➕ Flirtatiously Charismatic Conversations
➕ Sex And Intimacy
➕ and much more

Self-Mastery By Masculine Charisma

Self-Mastery: Awaken the warrior king within, rebuild yourself strong from inside out and create a life you deserve where you never get walked over again.


➕ Mastery Defined
➕ Become The Masculine Man
➕ Mastery Success Habits
➕ and much more

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