“Successfully Date In 12 Weeks Or Less With One-On-One Coaching”

With International Dating Coach & Nice-Guy Recovery Specialist, Faisal Khokhar, London

Joe, 49, Sales Rep
"Faisal- working with you on my journey has proven extremely beneficial. Not only do you come with all you’ve got, it’s ninja level next level confidence and masculine charisma that is working with women!"! Can’t thank you enough!"


You want to make a lasting impression that she won’t forget that leads to a date, relationship or even marriage.

Or maybe you want to move through life with authority, respect and command a room with your presence.

Whatever you desire, it all begins with a small step followed by the right coaching to make it happen.

I’ve helped hundreds of men elevate from the “Nice-Guy” to the “Charismatic Masculine Man” that women irresistibly desire and fellow men respect in 3 simple steps.

The benefits of one-on-one coaching get you there fast.

While I struggled to overcome my fears and personal doubts, most of the help I got came from men and coaches I met along the process.

What would your life look like if you could...


Simple stages to attract and date more women to finally get what you want...

Meet and attract more women with a charismatic first impression where she uncontrollably desires to know more about you.

Master the irresistible seduction secrets women wish men knew to build a meaningful connection without the sleaze.

Take the connection to the next level with ease to build deeper intimacy and a future that'll make her feel safe and sexy.


One-on-one coaching is very much geared to you and we start to unravel your own sticking points.

Below is what I normally cover with my clients and spend more time on areas they need to improve to ensure we get the desired result.


  1. Release The Trauma, Anger And Resentment From Past Relationships And Breakups To Awaken Your Charisma Spirit.
  2. Get The Unshakeable Confidence To Approach Women Without Crippling Fear of Rejection Or Ending Up In The Friendzone.
  3. Make An Unforgettable First Impression With Style, Voice & Body Language.
  4. Ditch The NICE-GUY Traits That Repel Women And Use Three Ts That Ignite And Drive Sexual Attraction.
  5. The Ultimate Attraction & Love Energy – M Frame Control.
    Where And How To Meet Attractive Women.
  6. 5 Simple Dating Profile Hacks To Get More Matches.
  7. How To Text That Gets Responses And A Date.


  1. 5 First Date Etiquette That Makes You Look Incredibly Charismatic.
    Stop The 5 Habits That Destroy Conversation Attraction.
  2. What To Talk About To Build Connection.
  3. How To Be Funny, Flirtatious and Charming.
  4. How Not To Run Out Of Things To Say Without Coming Across As Creepy.
  5. Even If You Are Not A Smooth Talker.
  6. Connect To Her Like No Other Man Has With This One Behaviour 99% Fail To Do.


  1. How To Build A Deeper Attraction And Turn A Normal Conversation Into A Sexual Encounter.
  2. How To Get Physical And Drive Her Wild Without Appearing Desperate Or Creepy.
  3. Managing Co-Dependency To Be Honest.
  4. RED & GREEN Flags To Look Out For And Avoid Toxic Women.
  5. How To Make A Women Fall In Love With You With Honesty.
  6. Build a Robust Foundation To Become A High-Value Charismatic Man.


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“What I like is I can be honest and genuine with women and still have attraction… and not in a way that is deceptive. I dated a woman for 2 weeks while she was on a work trip, she would get really excited to see me, I never had that before. Faisal gets it and has helped me to become assertive while being understanding. He does kick your ass, but in a really good way. I am now dating a lot more, this is helping me get to experience so I can settle down.”
Kano, 37, Engineer


How long is the 121 coaching?
With new clients, I work for 3 months. This is enough to make accelerated changes. From there, some clients upgrade to longer programmes and some top up with the group.

Will coaching help me with my confidence?
100%. To be successful with attraction, women and life, confidence is the energy that will take you there.

I don’t feel confident, how can I get unstuck?
We don’t always feel confident when we have to carry out the actions of confidence. There are ways around how to become confident working at your natural pace. A sweet balance between being pushed and being nurtured so you don’t self-sabotage yourself.

How else can your coaching help me as a man?
My mission is to help men develop strong character and it’s this strong character then does all the hard work of creating attraction while you are laid back, relaxed and focused on connection rather than ensuring you are saying or doing the right thing to build attraction.

What will I become?
Deep inside every man, there is an ancestral need to rule a kingdom. Until then, he will feel deep unrest. And to rule a Kingdom, you need to lead your life like a King.

Rise King Rise 👑