8 High-Value Masculine Habits To Build Resilience

Seeking lasting change and transformation?

Despite undergoing numerous courses, therapy, and training sessions, many people fail to get lasting change because of the lack of reinforcement through habits.

What has proven effective for me and many I work with is the timeless strategy: change your habits, you change your life.

Emotional junkies need a constant supply of of books, videos, and seminars to get an emotional hit. Those with abandonment issues tend to seek highs (abandonment-engulfment loop) in all facets of their lives, including personal development.

Instead, embark on the path of the MASTERS and evolve into a MASTERFUL CHARISMATIC MAN by enriching your character through high-value daily habits. You don’t have to be perfect, but hitting an 80% habit rate daily is sufficient for you to transform your life.

This is a transformation to move from boy-psychology to man psychology.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle


Growth & Contribution Mindset

A growth and contribution mindset reinforces masculine traits of leadership and altruism. Enough of the criticism, condemning and complaining; silence the inner bitch!

Great Sleep

Great sleep is crucial for testosterone production and also body and mind recovery. The majority of daily testosterone release in men occurs during sleep, emphasising the importance of rest. Without sleep you are over emotional, reactive and cave into your bad habits such as social media, junk food, porn and so on.

Limited Phone Use

Reducing screen time, especially before bed, can help maintain healthy sleep patterns, which indirectly supports testosterone production. Additionally, excessive phone use, particularly when consuming junk social media apps increases ‘lower feminine’ energy, leading to increased anxiety, impulsivity, and distraction (diffused awareness). Focusing more on producing content than consuming it on social media. Adopt a ‘post and ghost’ approach and engage in more productive activities.

Meditation / Breathwork

Meditation and breathwork can reduce stress and cortisol levels, which in turn may positively affect testosterone levels and allow you to manage your masculine frame. Reduced stress is also key for your immune system.

Clean Eating

You are what you eat and think. A balanced diet rich in nutrients like zinc and magnesium can support testosterone production. Clean eating can also help maintain a healthy body weight, which is associated with higher testosterone levels. Also, occasionally water fast to give the system rest, and boost focus and alertness like our ancestors did.

Strength / Combat & Fitness

Regular strength training and intense physical activity can significantly boost testosterone levels. They also promote the development of lean muscle mass and evoke a sense of masculine energy and confidence, thus making you more appealing to the ladies.

No Porn / Addictions

Overcoming addictions like pornography can help regulate dopamine levels and reduce desensitisation, which can, in turn, support healthier testosterone levels and sexual function. Porn can further damage your Sexual Fractures.

Cold Showers

There’s robust anecdotal evidence that cold showers can boost testosterone levels. Moreover, in a world filled with comforts, embracing the chill of cold showers fosters a notable resilience in men. This simple yet challenging act sharpens the mind, amplifies masculine energy, and prepares men to face life’s adversities with an unwavering spirit, cultivating a pathway towards self-assurance and mastery over one’s life.

Embrace these eight high-value masculine habits to foster resilience that catapults you from boy-psychology to man-psychology.

By diligently practising these habits with an 80% daily adherence rate, you’re on a solid path towards becoming a Masterful Charismatic Man.

In the realm of self-betterment, consistency trumps perfection. It’s not about a temporary change but a lifelong transformation. As Aristotle wisely professed, excellence is a habit, not an act. 

Your journey towards a resilient, empowered existence is merely a habit away.

Cultivate these habits and witness the remarkable transformation in your life and character.