Sexual Charisma: Dominant Level

When she’s putting on her makeup or getting ready, walk up confidently and unapologetically behind her and then…

..brush her hair lightly out of the way and kiss her neck tenderly. Like a feather glazing her skin and as she feels your deep masculine breath, it ignites the hot passion fire through and through her body.

Then skillfully slide your hands down her side, caressing her hips as you cocoon her. Her energy melts as she surrenders into her deep feminine energy for your masculine dominance.

You are claiming her in every way and she’s helpless to resist, making her deep fantasy come true.

As her heart and breath races, you take one hand and confidently reach and grip her neck. Just hard enough to make her wonder what would happen next…

…whispering in her ear, “be good today.”

Then let go and walk away like a badass.

That’s sexual masculine charisma at its finest….