The MC Mastery Group is a brotherhood of men reshaping themselves to be the charismatic masculine men of today and tomorrow.

Men’s Weekly Training & Accountability Group To Master Attraction, Confidence and Charisma

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Fed up of the friend zone? Frustrated at being pushed around? Do you have low confidence with women?

9 Masculine Ways The MCM Group Will Make You A Better Man

  1. Get the unshakeable confidence to approach, flirt and secure hot dates without rejection anxiety, freezing in the moment, or coming across creepy.
  2. No longer be obsessing about past failures or an ex; instead, create a magnetic connection where she is literally begging to see you and can’t wait to get you in bed without you being fake.
  3. Banish the feelings of nervousness, looking foolish or unworthy in any social situation; rather, leave a high-status impression where people will brag about you without you having to try hard.
  4. Ditch the outdated style, poor body language and weak mindset to become uber charismatic and turn heads as you walk into any room without needing to be James Bond.
  5. Kill the beta-male nice guy insecurities, unmanly habits and overthinking to become the high-value alpha male that gets attractive women, hot sex and deep respect without losing your true self.
  6. Move from boy-psychology to man-psychology, where are you are admired, respected and desired. Women find this super sexy and masculine as it’s very rare in men.
  7. The camaraderie, fun and support of being in a purposeful male-only group will help you heal your masculine wounds damaged by absent parenting, unfair society or toxic people.
  8. Recover faster from anger, resentment, needy behaviour and bring emotional stability to your daily life.
  9. No matter how lonely you may feel at times, the group reminds us you don’t have to do it all alone as it has your back. #togetherwegrowstronger.

Deep inside every man, there is an incredible masculine power that, when accessed, will elevate his status as a man, making him confident, strong and charismatic.

This will result in admiration, popularity and respect from women and men alike.

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Former Tech Geek Turned International Coach & Speaker


I used to be an anxious, over-sensitive, shy tech geek. Now I am the founder of Masculine Charisma, a training and coaching company that helps men become great men, confident men, charismatic men.

Faisal working alongside Dr. Robert Glover, Author of "No More Mr Nice Guy" Book
Faisal Khokhar on the eHarmony Show
Faisal at MEN's Work London

The 4 Pillars of MCM Group To Make You A Powerful Man

The purpose of the Masculine Charisma Mastery Group is to help you Elevate Your Confidence, Amplify Your Charisma And Boss Attraction!


Ooze unshakable confidence and command respect in the way you speak, stand and tackle life.


Reinforce your natural intrinsic force to attract the attention and admiration of others.​

Ignite, influence and leave a captivating impression they’ll never forget.


Learn the psychological secrets of natural magnetism that will seduce her intellectually, emotionally and physically until she cannot keep her hands off you.


Become consistent with all your learnings, develop healthy habits and get more done by getting over your bullsh*t excuses.

How Our Simple Philosophy Helps You To Win Daily

Heal the biggest DOMINIO, and the rest will fall into place.

We keep it simple and work on doing them well as it’s proven to strengthen our success rate.

Have you heard about men who keep learning, but when it comes to practise, they fail? That’s because endless courses, videos and books can only take you so far.

No point in learning about hot sex and not being able to experience it regularly. Where is the fun in that?

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Who This Is For

Who This Is Not For

The Power Of This Tribe Could Change Your Life Forever

A powerful tribe brings riches and unimaginable benefits to individuals and everyone. Just as several batteries are more powerful than one, so are several minds more powerful than one. Thus the “MCM” holds the secret of community power.

The increased energy and power created by a group becomes available to every individual mind in the group. Men take on the power they associate with through osmosis.

Every master was once a disaster

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