Your Boss Wants To Outsource Dating and He Wants To Hire You To…

Imagine this. 

Your boss decides to outsource his dating life and wants to hire you to find a really great woman for him.

He’s giving you three months for this project.

After this period, he will discuss your findings and carry out a performance review.

Your task is to date and screen for great women for him to date.

Here are some rules:

🔹 If you find a great woman and they date for at least 6 months, he’ll pay you £150,000.

🔹 If you find a woman who he marries, he’ll give you £1 million on top.

🔹 If you fail to deliver 3 really great women for him to date in 3 months, he’ll fine you £30,000.

🔹 If you set up dates with women that are time wasters, have obvious personality disorders or red flags, he’ll fine you £5k per date for poor screening effort and wasting his time.

The pressure is on, do you accept the challenge?

If yes, what will your dating strategy be?

Take your time and really think about how this way of thinking can help you with your dating strategy. 

Most people have a lousy dating and mating strategy, a lousy screening process and lousy commitment. This usually leads to unsatisfying dates and sometimes worse, unfulfilling or toxic relationships.

Successful dating requires a successful strategy and mindset; this is true for sports, art, business and any profession you wish to be successful in.

Modern dating is no different.