How To Maintain A Masculine Frame – And The Hidden Risks Of A Frameless Relationship!

When traversing the turbulent sea that is the modern dating scene, men must arm themselves with a variety of masculine traits to attract the women they desire, and stay ahead of any competition that may come their way.

If charisma and confidence are your ship and crew on the journey to becoming a charismatic man, then your ‘masculine frame’ is the route that will get you to your goal.

James Bond in Casino Royale

A “masculine frame” is absolutely INDISPENSABLE if you want to have a thriving, sexual life as well as a peaceful love life.

So the question is: What is frame?

Frame is the world in which one operates. The representation of your boundaries, what you are willing to tolerate and how you conduct yourself.

In any situation, one is either in his frame or forced into another’s.

Unfortunately, most men never think about this as they have spent their entire lives living in another person’s frame…

  • “I’ll go to a university I hate because my parents told me to.”
  • “I’ll work the holidays because my boss ordered me to.”
  • “I’ll spend my day off shopping with my wife at IKEA.”

…These are all frame “concessions” that cost you a LOT in the long run. Especially in a relationship.

As they say: “If you give them an inch they’ll take a mile.”, and women and children are notoriously good at this.

Don Draper A Holding Masculine Frame
Don Draper A Holding Masculine Frame

Charisma, style and confidence are all held together by your frame, so if you keep conceding your frame, it’s only a matter of time until all the other traits suffer as a result.

This can be seen in the majority of married men these days. Go look at your married colleagues and you’ll see that most of them have to take their wife’s PERMISSION to leave the house!

BTW, I know all about this. When I was 18 years old, I ended up with a very controlling girlfriend who later become my fiancee because I lived the entire relationship in her frame.

Whatever she said, I did because I wanted to make her happy, it was much better than seeing her angry, upset and moody with me. That hurt.

Just like me, most men have completely allowed their frame to drop in modern relationships, and as a result, any charisma or attractive traits they do have are slowly depleted until the inevitable happens: a crushing breakup/divorce. 

So how does one stick to his frame, and keep himself firm on his masculine path?

The answer is surprisingly simple: Ask yourself “Who’s frame am I operating in?” 

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Ask yourself “who’s frame am I operating in?”

When you go shopping with your girlfriend or wife, ask yourself, am I going because I choose to or because I feel guilty that I have no choice and she’ll be upset?

If it’s the latter, then going is a mistake that will have massive downsides in the long run…

Stick to your goals and don’t bend your reality to fit those of others (this is known as approval-seeking behaviour) and you’ll find exponential success in your relationships. 

In conclusion: 

  1. Frame is what anchors your charismatic traits, and keeps a relationship from falling apart.
  2. If you deviate from your goals and values because of someone else’s opinion, you’ve fallen into another person’s frame.
  3. “A ship with no destination is headed to the bottom of the ocean.”
  4. Always ask yourself “Who’s frame am I operating in?”, and if it isn’t yours, stop what you’re doing to reevaluate.

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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jason Statham
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jason Statham