7 Signs She’s Wasting Your Time

I was so into this girl that I did anything for her.

She made me happy and very frustrated that it eventually hit a breaking point.

When a great woman came along, which was rare before doing the masculine charisma work, I did everything not to lose her.

And everything I did to keep her made sense to me, but later I learned it didn’t make sexual attraction sense.

Save yourself time, heartache and dignity by quickly recognising 7 signs if a woman is wasting your time:

❶ One moment she’s interested, the next not

❷ She never gives you definite answers for plans

❸ You’re always the one to initiate time together

❹ She doesn’t make your priority

❺ She often cancels plans last minute and doesn’t bother to reschedule

❻ She says one thing and does another

❼ You give more than you get in return

Many loving, caring, and fun women are waiting to meet you; stop wasting your time with time wasters.

They drain you of your energy, resources and value as a man.

Confident, charismatic and charming masculine men do not waste time on mindless people and activities.

“A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.” Charles Darwin