Lighten the f*ck up

I love personal growth, it’s paramount for us to evolve, grow and heal our wounds so we help the next generation to suffer less.

Our intentions are very noble. But our methods can be very questionable.

The paradox of when you are in this world, there is a lot of focus on the issues that are wrong, missing or need improving that most lose our fun, joy and adventures of life.

We become obsessed with perfectionism and everyone and everything around us meet this unrealistic expectation right now else I can’t be happy.

We overthink, we over catastrophise and become incredible righteous. This is just our need to feel certainty and safety by our overactive ego.

I too get sucked into this vortex and have to make a conscious decision to bring in the fun too. Kids are naturals at this and our best teachers.

I know a fellow coach who keeps reminding us “relax, relax, relax” (thanks Coz).

And this is perfect because as Tony Robbins said “energy flows where attention goes.”