The Heartbreaking Truth About The Nice-Guy Recovery

Sorry, I don’t want to write this…

…but this is for all the men who give up easily; you should know a few things.

You’ve probably heard of the term ‘nice-guy,’ if you haven’t, you’ll recognise the obvious characteristics.

He’s the one with the polite manners and biggest smile, soft, gentle and wouldn’t hurt a fly, well, not in public that is.

But behind closed doors, his inner hell is playing out.

He desperately seeks women’s attention and approval.

He does everything to meet his needs covertly (with hidden expectations) and when things don’t go this way. He’ll sulk, throw a tantrum, and get very angry like a spoilt little boy.

He lacks the confidence (masculine energy) to approach and seduce women with ease and charisma. His emotions are all over the place and in a long-term relationship, the dead bedroom festers.

Deep down, nice-guys are miserable, frustrated and angry. They are full of addictions, mentally and physically.

But hope arises when the nice-guy discovers he can overcome the syndrome.

Nice-guys can really shift to build an incredible life, but not all nice-guys recover enough to taste the pleasure that masculine men have, incredible opportunities, abundant options of incredible women and meaningful connections.

These wannabe men fall short because they half-bake the cake, just like everything else in their life.

The nice-guy who has grit and fully commits consistently by leaning into the caves he fears will finally shed his boyish ways to become the man he’s always wanted.

Most of the recovering nice-guys will never get there, to a place where they feel peaceful, confident and live an ass-kicking life.

Most nice-guys come up with the best excuses because his negative ‘convincer strategy” that keeps him small keeps kicking in and justifying why he should go for the softer route. 

So, as ever, he keeps doing what he’s always done, taking the path of least resistance, the pussy route.

Yep, I just used the word pussy and if you’ve got weak masculine energy, that will trigger you. 

Hard work is going to trigger you. 

Beautiful women are going to trigger you.

Coaches are going to trigger you.

Masculine men are going to trigger you.

Success is going to trigger you.

Strong women are going to trigger you.

You are going to trigger you.

Remember this: “be grateful for triggers; they point where you are not free”

Break FREE from the nice-guy syndrome by following the Masculine Charisma Mastery path; this is what masterful men do.