Top Mistakes Men Make At Dating Events And How To Avoid Them

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Fed up with dating apps?

Then you aren’t alone because most men struggle to get matches and dates with women they want, and it will only worsen.

A great alternative exists if you live in a large enough city or town. If you don’t, consider moving to increase your options.

Singles events are a great way to meet and hone your social, connecting and seduction skills.

I interviewed Richard, a matchmaker and singles event organiser in London. I asked him what the common mistakes men make at live dating events that kill their chances with women are.

We explore fascinating mistakes men make at dating events and what to do instead:

▶️ How to be a head-turner?

▶️ How to make a killer impression

▶️ What’s missing for guys who can’t build attraction?

▶️ How to manage conversation and anxiety

▶️ How not to be socially awkward

▶️ What to do when you get rejected

▶️ What’s a common problem women hear from men when they don’t get a second date?

▶️ The purpose of a first date

If you want to do well in dating, attraction and learning how to keep a good woman, you must get off the screen and into the real world.

Most guys lack vital social skills and guys with poor social skills do not have any success with the women they want.

But you can turn this around, and I will share how you can do this now.