Happy International Women’s Day

This is to all the amazing women who bring colour to our masculine world with your feminine ways that leave us in awe.

I love how you giggle and make cute noises with your light-hearted energy.

I love how you grace the room with your silky elegance, radiant beauty and tender touch.

I love your patience to listen, understand and nurture when I am hurting.

I love the way you bring insights from the heart I would have never considered.

I love the way you bring people together, being the social and family glue. 

I love how you remember everything. Ok, not this so much.

I want to thank all the women who’ve helped me on my journey to be a better man, father and lover. And to all the women supporting boys, men and other women out there.

My mum passed away when I was 18 and my sister has been my rock, guiding me with her intuition, care and love. For this, I’m forever grateful.

Women have gifts us men can never access, as much as the gifts men bring to women. This is what makes the world whole.

Ladies, the world needs more of your gifts which are being lost in this politically correct chaos.

You don’t need to be more like a man to be powerful: you are powerful because you have what we men don’t.

The moment you step away from your feminine core, you dim the light that brightens up the world.