4 Steps You MUST Follow For a Charismatic Valentine Day!

Valentine Day

1️⃣ Don’t go overboard. She would rather you make many small gestures throughout the year instead of one big gesture on essential dates and be dry all other times. 2️⃣ Pay attention to details. Notice what she likes and surprise her with it. 3️⃣ Valentine’s day is a day where every aspect of your date … Read more

7 Ways To Take The Best Revenge After A Breakup

7 Ways To Take The Best Revenge After A Breakup

Living well is the best revenge. ❶ Accept, let go and move on with grace❷ Take time to heal, grow and work on being BETTER, not BITTER❸ Workout regularly, eat healthily and get outdoors more often❹ Update your style and de-clutter your life❺ Take up new hobbies, meet new people and travel more❻ Read daily, … Read more

One MAJOR Rule For Conversation Flow

Wedding Party

This weekend I was a plus one for a wedding by the coast, it reminded me of one MAJOR rule for conversation flow. As I joined for the evening reception, I was a little anxious to meet new people…. Because of lockdowns, restrictions and being a full-time dad, I’ve not been going out much as … Read more

9 Signs You Suffer From The “Nice Guy Syndrome”

Nice Guy Syndrome

If you cannot date the attractive women you desire or had a tough breakup where you stayed too long; chances are you suffer from the “nice-guy-syndrome.” If you’ve read the book “NO MORE MR NICE GUY” you’ll know where I am coming from. ‘Nice-guys’ have endless struggles with dating, relationships and life because they are … Read more

7 Signs Of Love Bombing

7 Signs Of Love Bombing

Love bombing is characterised by excessive attention, admiration, and affection with the goal to make the recipient feel dependent and obligated to that person,” Sasha Jackson, therapist. ❶ They lavish you with gifts❷ They can’t stop complimenting you❸ They bombard you with phone calls and texts❹ They demand your undivided attention and easily overwhelm you❺ … Read more

7 Reasons Why Breakups Are Harder On Men Than Women

Why Breakups Are Harder On Men Than Women

A divorce or breakup is agonising because we experience immediate abandonment and uncertainty. Abandonment is hard wired to be excruciatingly painful, reminding us not to leave babies unattended or wander off from the tribe, safety in numbers. It can be extra hard for men because they don’t really have the training to process strong emotions … Read more

5 Natural Ways To Improve Energy & Mood

Man Working-out

❶ INSTILL SLEEP DISCIPLINE Sleep helps the mind and body to unwind, resolve and recover. Gradually but consistently, you can establish sleep discipline; early to bed, early to rise is the key. Those with poor sleep patterns suffer significantly from extreme mood swings, lashing out, uncontrollable food and social media binge. A healthy sleep routine … Read more

5 Reasons Why Overthinkers Struggle With Dating, Sex And Life

Do you often feel shy and awkward when speaking to a woman you find attractive?

The world needs thinkers and action takers, otherwise, there will be chaos.  But in the world of overthinkers, there is chaos, worry, and stagnation. These three aspects will instantly kill any changes in building any romantic connections. ❶ You spend considerable time second-guessing yourself, analysing and data gathering to avoid mistakes than to take bold … Read more

7 Major Differences Between The Immature And Mature Masculine

The ultimate purpose is to move from immature to mature masculine which will gigantically boost your dating, love and personal life. You are NOT either-or, this black and white thinking is very common, especially in men. It’s about understanding this journey is about growth, perseverance and patience. Some days will be great, some not. It … Read more