9 Common Limiting Beliefs That Hinders Dating

9 Common Limiting Beliefs That Hinders Dating

Your ability to create and sustain long term attraction will depend on the beliefs you hold. Chances are you are holding some of the most damaging anti-attraction beliefs that are ruminating inside your head like an overactive hamster. If you don’t have some of these common beliefs banished, they’ll keep you away from dating incredible … Read more

3 Ways Relationship Habits Kill Attraction

Ever wondered why the excitement in a relationship fades away? As soon as the dating period is over, most couples start to forget the rules of attraction, the magnetic energy that brought you together and the insatiable feeling of wanting more of each other. ATTRACTION is also one area that really confuses everyone because it’s … Read more

7 Hard Truths Why You Struggle With Dating

Ever get annoyed, frustrated and put off by dating? You are not alone. A few men consistently create beautiful connections with amazing women, while most make excuses, moan, and complain. Before any man can get incredible results in dating, you need to work on these: ❶ You lack the patience, attitude and stamina needed for … Read more

5 Essential Masculine Etiquettes Women Desire

1. Practice good hygiene, dress sharp and keep in shape. 2. Hold doors open, simple. 3. Walking on the outside sends a powerful instinctual protective signal deep into her psyche, making her naturally feel safe. Safe allows a woman to move into her feminine and open up emotionally and sexually. 4. Know when to put … Read more

8 Signs You Have A Weak Masculine Core

❶ You get nervous, clumsily or freeze around beautiful women, in meetings or in social situations. ❷ You are a compulsive people-pleaser, especially of beautiful women or people of high status. ❸ You express or talk too much to fill awkward silences or go the opposite and withdraw. ❹ You quickly get defensive or abruptly withdraw in the … Read more

Letter To My Little Men From A Father

Letter To My Little Men From A Father

Live a fearless life on your terms. Be bold, be brave. Live with an open heart where your voice has no fear, no regrets, only love. Your life needs no approval, just as your actions do not need to be approved by others. Move through life unapologetically and from the heart. Keep growing, be humble … Read more