9 Signs You Suffer From The “Nice Guy Syndrome”

If you cannot date the attractive women you desire or had a tough breakup where you stayed too long; chances are you suffer from the “nice-guy-syndrome.”

If you’ve read the book “NO MORE MR NICE GUY” you’ll know where I am coming from.

‘Nice-guys’ have endless struggles with dating, relationships and life because they are needy, insecure and put women on a pedestal. 

With the struggles comes pent up anger, resentment and unhealthy addictions (p*rn, social media, drama etc).

How did he become a ‘nice-guy’?

Most men haven’t had the guidance owed to them, which their forefathers handed down.

Their lack of the masculine journey which takes them from boy to man is incomplete, and they cannot get this from the women in their lives.

So many men stay stuck as the ‘nice guy.’

The problem is that ‘nice-guys’ end up with broken, troubled and needy women because like attracts like.

Their soft and nauseating people-pleasing behaviour repels healthy women unless they work on recovery.

Here are the 9 ‘nice guy’ signs:

1️⃣ You have low confidence and a low opinion of yourself

2️⃣ You need others to like you, especially women and become too clingy

3️⃣ You often get rejected or friend-zoned with attractive women you desire

4️⃣ You over apologise and allow strong people to push you around

5️⃣ You overgive, burn out and then become resentful for it

6️⃣ You lack boundaries and it’s hard for you to say “no”

7️⃣ You are over-sensitive; therefore arguments or opinions quickly upset you

8️⃣ You quickly settle and stay too long in unsatisfying, loveless, sexless relationships

9️⃣ You keep things in too long and then blow up, unleashing your anger, resentment and rage

You can quickly start becoming charismatic and confident masculine men women desire and respect.


1. Join a men’s group (my group is www.masculine.co/mastery/)

2. Get a MALE coach specialising in men’s development.

3. Commit and stay committed. Don’t go for shortcuts or quick wins, the boy is impatient.

I’ve gone through my nice-guy recovery (always ongoing), and I help other ‘nice-guys’ become great, confident, and charismatic every day.

If you have questions, inbox me NICEGUY, and I’ll help you easily recover from the ‘nice-guy-syndrome’ today with a specific masculine journey.