How To Get Out Of The Friend Zone

She: “You are such a lovely guy. I don’t want to ruin what we have. Let’s stay  friends.”

Nice-guy: “Okay, you are right. I don’t want to ruin what we have. You mean a lot to me.”

Masculine Man: “No thank you, I have plenty of friends.” 

The nice-guy relinquishes his masculine power and dignity to obsessively go on a futile campaign to win her over. 

He pines for her like a needy little boy, failing to realise how grossed she is by his desperation.

Deep inside, she doesn’t respect him.

But she narcissistically continues to use him when she’s lonely to unload her frustrations at the jerks she’s addicted to.

He allows the abuse to occur as long as she doesn’t abandon him.

The addicted nice-guy is too emotionally immature and powerless to escape his unhealthy obsession. 

He convinces himself that if he puts more effort in, pleases her more, and listens to her more; she’ll eventually fall in love with him.

He knows his actions are destructive, but he lacks the masculine spine and self-control to take decisive action that will serve him.

His obsession stays alive with no end in sight.

Let’s look at what a masculine man would do.

When a woman tries to friend-zone a charismatic masculine man, it will happen, although rare. He’ll outright refuse to settle into the “friendship” relationship dynamic if he has sexual intentions with her.

As he’s not afraid to lose people, he stays true to his intentions and won’t settle, moving on gracefully.

It is this nature that makes the charismatic masculine man super attractive. 

Unlike the nice-guy, the charismatic masculine man demonstrated his value by not putting her on a pedestal and not settling for scraps.

Like cats, when you try too hard to get their attention, they pull away. When you ignore them, they come for attention when they are ready.

Here are 7 ways to get out of the friend-zone:

❶ Stop being there for her

❷ Stop trying to fix her problems

❸ Stop being her backup

❹ Stop obsessing; start dating

❺ Set boundaries

❻ Learn to say no

❼ Work on yourself

Being in the friend-zone with a woman you desire is very demoralising and a waste of energy.

To come out of the friend-zone trap, do the right thing, that’s courage.

Taking regular courageous action is confidence.

Being decisive, that’s masculine.

Being masculine is attractive to women.