The Victim & The Fragile Wimp

Sometimes in life, we get stuck. At some stage of their lives, most people will encounter a roadblock that they cannot pass, whether it is an illness, insecurity, or doubt. Some of us can get stuck in life for only a short period, or some can get stuck for decades. If you’re stuck in an … Read more

The “Nice-Guy Lie” And Why So Many Men Fall For It

In recent years there has been an active push against the traditional male.  Masculinity is shamed. Men speaking their mind is “Male privilege” And men are given the worst relationship advice imaginable: “Just be you” “If you wait, the right one will show up for you” “Women love emotional guys”’ After being fed these lies … Read more

9 Hallmarks Of A Nice-Guy

If you suffer from the “NICE-GUY-SYNDROME”, you are likely to suffer from some, if not all, of these common issues I encounter in my coaching practice. Anger, resentment and anxiety are all too common in all NICE-GUYS. They play down their rage.  Nice-guys spend a lot of time coming across as nice and pleasing so … Read more

7 Ways Nice Guys Ruin Relationships

“Just about everything a Nice Guy does is consciously or unconsciously calculated to gain someone’s approval or to avoid disapproval.” ― Dr Robert A. Glover, No More Mr. Nice Guy Once I learnt I had so many nice-guy tendencies like millions, if not billions of men. I went on a personal mission to recover from … Read more

The 5 Emotional Struggles Of The “Nice-Guy”

We all struggle emotionally. I know I do and I know many other men do too. The thing with negative emotional energy cannot be contained, not for long anyway. It either leaks as bad habits or leads to unexpected self-sabotaging outbursts. The ‘nice-guy’ (syndrome for men who complain that they are unlucky in love despite … Read more

9 Signs You Suffer From The “Nice Guy Syndrome”

Nice Guy Syndrome

If you cannot date the attractive women you desire or had a tough breakup where you stayed too long; chances are you suffer from the “nice-guy-syndrome.” If you’ve read the book “NO MORE MR NICE GUY” you’ll know where I am coming from. ‘Nice-guys’ have endless struggles with dating, relationships and life because they are … Read more