No More Mr Nice Guy London 2023

Dr. Robert Glover - No More Mr Nice Guy

You know how all boys have a hero? A figure who’s got special powers, fights the baddies, rescues the world and wins the girl…? Well, I got to meet one of my heroes.  Now, he doesn’t have a cape, but he does have a slick goatee and his name on a book that’s probably changed millions … Read more

7 Signs Of Chronic Codependency

We are all co-dependent in some way. As kids, we needed our parents or carers to provide us with love and protection. As adults, we need friends, family, and romantic partners to fulfil our connection needs. Even the loners among us rely on our jobs, our dogs, and our Netflix subscriptions not to feel lonely. … Read more

3 Ways To Get Out Of The Nice-Guy Bubble

It’s comfy to stay stuck. It’s comfy to be the same. It’s comfy to know what’s coming next. It’s natural. Homeostasis is a legitimate thing. But when it comes to personal growth and expansion of consciousness in all spheres of life, a bit more muscle training is going to be required. In this article I … Read more

Red Flags and Nice-Guys When Dating

Nice-Guys and Red Flags

I’m at the beach with my 12-year-old son. Red flags cover the beach and I’m tempted to swim. “Don’t be silly dad, it’s dangerous.” Then my son spent a few minutes telling me that just because it’s sunny and seems reasonably calm, the biggest danger is what we cannot see immediately. He informed me that … Read more

A Broke Nice-Guy’s Guide To Getting Laid

I hopped on a free coaching call today with Faisal about Masculine Charisma and becoming a higher-value man. The reason for my doing this has been the fact that I’m fed-up with how I’ve comported myself for the last few years. I’ve had crippling low self-worth and social anxiety, plus fear of rejection and even, … Read more

No More Mr Nice Guy – Ultimate Guide & Recovery

What is a ‘Nice-Guy?’ “Nice-Guy” is a popular slang/term to describe a certain artchtype of a male. A nice guy is defined as someone who thinks they deserve to be in a relationship or have sex based solely on being nice. A ‘Nice-Guy’ is also a man with low self-esteem, inferior complex and dormant charisma … Read more

Happy Wife, Happy Life: The Hell Of Fixing Women

Happy Wife, Happy Life: The Hell Of Fixing Women

“What’s wrong honey? What’s wrong honey?” frantically repeated by every panicked nice-guy when she is upset, distant or moody. My journey to becoming a well-adjusted and charismatic man has many challenges. As one is overcome another emerges. “New level. New devil” as Faisal always says. In the last article, we looked at a general overview … Read more