Unveiling the Charismatic Traits of Peaky Blinders’ Thomas Shelby: 7 Ways to Emulate His Alpha Male Energy

Thomas “Tommy” Shelby, the protagonist of the hit TV show Peaky Blinders, is one of the most intriguing and captivating characters on television. He is a charismatic, confident, and competent man who exudes alpha male energy. His strong personality and leadership qualities have earned him a massive following among viewers, who admire his traits and … Read more

Happy International Women’s Day

This is to all the amazing women who bring colour to our masculine world with your feminine ways that leave us in awe. I love how you giggle and make cute noises with your light-hearted energy. I love how you grace the room with your silky elegance, radiant beauty and tender touch. I love your … Read more

8 Signs A Man Has Low Masculine Energy That Turns Women Off

8 Signs A Man Has Low Masculine Energy

Here are 8 signs that a man may have low masculine energy which seriously kills attraction. It’s important to recognize these behaviours, as they can hold us back from creating the relationship we desire. I was raised in a feminine environment because I was surrounded by women and did not have a strong masculine influence … Read more

A Broke Nice-Guy’s Guide To Getting Laid

I hopped on a free coaching call today with Faisal about Masculine Charisma and becoming a higher-value man. The reason for my doing this has been the fact that I’m fed-up with how I’ve comported myself for the last few years. I’ve had crippling low self-worth and social anxiety, plus fear of rejection and even, … Read more

“I Want A Real Man” She Says…

“I Want A Real Man” She Says

Have you ever heard a woman say “I want a real man” or “where have all the real men gone?” Do you find that offensive as a man? If you do, carry on reading… She might not be wrong; let me tell you why. The metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly is one of the most … Read more

Men Who Fear Women’s Emotions

Have you ever stayed late at work, spent time in a bar after work or even sat in the car rather than going home to your partner? You cannot be honest with a woman if you fear her emotions. If you are co-dependent and enmeshed, you’ll fear her. If you are an individuated man, you’ll … Read more