7 Traits That Make Peaky Blinders’ Thomas “Tommy” Shelby Alpha

Tommy Shelby Peaky Blinders

If you’ve watched the series on Netflix Peaky Blinders, you cannot help but get magnetised by Thomas Shelby’s charisma. And you won’t be the only one. His self-assured self is potent because he carries the charismatics we recognise and aspire to strengthen. Whatever the causes, charismatic masculine traits are undeniably irresistible. Tommy distinguishes himself from … Read more

The Victim & The Fragile Wimp

Sometimes in life, we get stuck. At some stage of their lives, most people will encounter a roadblock that they cannot pass, whether it is an illness, insecurity, or doubt. Some of us can get stuck in life for only a short period, or some can get stuck for decades. If you’re stuck in an … Read more

Lighten the f*ck up

I love personal growth, it’s paramount for us to evolve, grow and heal our wounds so we help the next generation to suffer less. Our intentions are very noble. But our methods can be very questionable. The paradox of when you are in this world, there is a lot of focus on the issues that … Read more

Why The World NEED Masculine Fathers!

What Young Men Need

There is a masculinity CRISIS! Men around the world are a former shell of what they once were… Whether it’s from the mysterious drop in the average male grip strength to the epidemic of nice-guys that have infested the dating market, men aren’t what they used to be. Men around the world are more confused … Read more

What You Chase You Become

Men who constantly chase, think and dream of women and relationships become financially, emotionally, and time poor. They are also quick to feel lonely in or out of a relationship because they are so dependent on the external feeding their happiness and self-worth, they fail to tap into their internal power. Chasing isn’t the problem; … Read more

7 Signs You Have A Strong MindSet

1. You quickly release all that doesn’t serve you and move on. You don’t waste energy or time feeling sorry for yourself or others. 2. You don’t panic or lose ground when change occurs; you quickly accept and adapt. 3. You focus on staying positive and solution-focused. 4. You do no harm but take no shit.  5. You are … Read more