How To Charismatically Approach Women In Bars

If you are going to do it, do it with charisma. Here is how:

– Just swing by the bar after work. If you work from home, why not work at a cafe nearby first?

– If you have plans to meet friends or business colleagues for dinner/lunch, come by a bit early for a drink or stay after dinner at the bar to practice your approach.

– After your meeting, approaching her is better because you’ll be warmed up.


  1. If you want to make a great first impression, focus on your charisma rather than your pick-up line. The energy you project will be more attractive to others than any clever quip.
  2. Make sure you don’t invade her personal circle space instantly, give her some space; otherwise you may come across creepy.
  3. Speak with certainty, stay relaxed and do it casually. 
  4. Strong eye contact (not stalker eyes) and a light smirk is essential.
  5. The way you carry yourself sends a message. Masculine posture is power. Keep your back straight, chest and hands open.
  6. Always calibrate your interaction depending on her response, mood and body language.
  7. Then pace and lead the conversation.
  8. Use False time constraints so you don’t come across as thirsty. Phrases like I’m actually meeting my friends at … but what drink is it/or I’ve just noticed…( or make any other observation)
  9.  Breathe, loosen up and relax for your creative mind to flow in the conversation.

Your masculine charisma is vital in making a lasting sexual first impression with a woman.

If it’s too low, she’ll quickly disengage and you’ll be forgotten.