5 Reasons Why Overthinkers Struggle With Dating, Sex And Life

The world needs thinkers and action takers, otherwise, there will be chaos. 
But in the world of overthinkers, there is chaos, worry, and stagnation. These three aspects will instantly kill any changes in building any romantic connections.
❶ You spend considerable time second-guessing yourself, analysing and data gathering to avoid mistakes than to take bold action.
Women sense this weakness and don’t see you as a strong sexual mate. So she’ll seek elsewhere for a confident masculine male.
❷ See reason one
❸ See reason two
❹ See reason three. I know, your brain is trying to gather more data to chew on.
❺ Your perfectionism hides the fact that you don’t want to experience the shame and embarrassment of making mistakes. So you hide in procrastination.
You equate mistakes result in being ridiculed, rejected and seen as weak.