9 Green Flags To Look Out For In A Woman

It’s easy to get excited with a shiny new relationship and fail to look deeper into the person until it’s too late.

If you improve your screening process at the dating phase, you’ll increase your chance of building a great future together, get it wrong, it’s going to be hell.

Look out for these GREEN flags when you are dating:

❶ She respects you as a man, herself and others
❷ She doesn’t play games or isn’t addicted to creating drama
❸ She doesn’t emasculate, gossip or man bash you to her friends or anyone
❹ She mentions her ex with no anger or bitterness
❺ She takes responsibility for her actions and choices
❻ She has a growth mindset, positive outlook and is open to feedback
❼ She honours your boundaries and has solid ones herself
❽ She’s loyal to you and doesn’t keep men around for validation or attention
❾ She has healthy habits and takes pride in appearance, health and wellbeing

Remember to meet the requirements of your requirements 😉