9 Embarrassing Reasons Why You Didn’t Get A Second Date

You’ve matched online and are excited that you’ve secured the date.

On the date, she looks stunning, you both are having fun and the conversation is flowing. You have a great feeling about her. She…

…could be the one you think to yourself. On this high…

…you excitedly text her after the date to express how you felt.

The next morning you check your phone and notice she’s not text back. You convince yourself as it was late, so she probably hadn’t seen it.

So you eagerly text her a ‘good morning’ message. There is no response. Hours later, you are confused, frustrated and anxious because you thought the date went well.

So you text her again… and still no response.

You repeat this pattern over and over again, thinking this is the best strategy to get an eventual response. Then, shockingly you notice she’s blocked you.

You feel sick to your stomach and are angry on why this keeps happening.

Here are 9 common reasons how men turn women off during the dating phase:

❶ You want to see her all the time and get distracted by her easily.

❷ You text and call too frequently, usually more than her.

❸ You ask too often for validation and need constant reassurance.

❹ You attach way too fast:
● you want an exclusive commitment/relationship right away.
● you talk about future plans (holidays, events, things you can do together).
● you want to introduce them to your family and friends.
● your social media quickly fills up with pictures of her.

❺ You constantly shower her with shallow compliments.

❻ You forgo your plans by being over accommodating and pleasing.

❼ You are not a challenge, but a YES man.

❽ You keep your schedule empty and have no plans or hobbies of your own.

❾ You think about relationships all the time, and it becomes your focus. You are constantly discussing, finding mistakes and solving problems.

Stop this annoying pattern by increasing your confidence and sexual charisma.