5 Habits of High-Value Thinking

If there is one thing most nice-guys (aka people pleasers) suffer from is that their thinking is crap, yes, utter nonsense most of the time.

It’s full of shame, regret, bitterness, judgement, obsession and constant replaying of past mistakes or fantasies.

One of the most troubling aspects of this mind is its ability to turn inward, causing nice guys to be excessively harsh on themselves.

It’s a shame because this mind kills their chances of success with women, love and life.

I have to train daily to ensure my thinking doesn’t go to its default, the negative spiral. 

Every day, I make a concerted effort to move towards high-value thinking; the resistance feels like an exhausting battle.

It’s easy to complain, moan and be critical, but that’s the spectator’s sport.

Getting into the arena means you must fight your negative mind daily from hijacking your day and ruining it.

I know it’s not easy, but I’m so grateful when I get it right.

Yeah, some days it sucks, and I lash out. It’s not something I am proud of, but it’s a work in progress.

As we strive to become high-value, charismatic men, it’s crucial to cultivate sharp, valuable thinking.

A mind that constantly rehashes negative thoughts or dwells on the past hinders growth and saps our charisma, yikes.

Being around people who ruminate excessively can be exhausting, and I bet you can instantly name a few. 

Here are 5 easy habits to introduce high-value thinking:

  1. Let go past mistakes and move on
  2. Seek progress, not perfection
  3. Be solution-focused
  4. Have an abundant mindset
  5. Invite feedback

Just remember the words of Buddha, the mind is everything; what you think you become.”