9 Unexpected Ways Poker and Dating Are Alike

Last game of the year just before Xmas got me thinking how many similar things are in life.

To play any game well, be it dating, poker, trading or business, you need the same character qualities to be successful. 

Here are 9 ways poker and dating are alike:

♠️ Play the cards you are dealt. You are born with your looks, height, parents, temperament etc.. Work on what you can change.

♠️ You have to play by the rules of the game and strategize to get an edge.

♠️ You’ll have good runs and bad runs. Don’t be attached to either side.

♠️ When you get a bad beat, aka rejection, breakup or failure, keep your cool and maintain your masculine frame.

♠️ The moment you let emotions run you, you’ll derail from the rules of the game to pay a hefty price.

♠️ Be patient, strike with well-executed timing and don’t let an opportunity pass.

♠️ Move on quickly. Don’t keep replaying the past; focus on what’s in your hand now and keep your eyes on the prize.

♠️ Be bold, fearless and willing to take calculated risks.

♠️ And most importantly, remember when to hold them and when to fold them. In dating terms, become excellent at knowing when to enter a relationship and when to exit.

Ready to go all in?