3 Ways Relationship Habits Kill Attraction

Ever wondered why the excitement in a relationship fades away?

As soon as the dating period is over, most couples start to forget the rules of attraction, the magnetic energy that brought you together and the insatiable feeling of wanting more of each other.

ATTRACTION is also one area that really confuses everyone because it’s not logical and not always obvious, especially for men.

Women instinctively know how to trigger sexual attention in men to build attraction.

Unfortunately, men use the same lens as women which is why they cannot easily trigger or maintain attraction.

Here is how attraction and relationship skills are opposite:

A: Attraction amplifies in distance. Too available, no challenge. Constantly there, smothering. Too far, forgotten.

R: Relationships often demand constant closeness and connection. Disconnection can send people into a spiral of panic, jealousy and need for reassurance.

A: Uncertainty creates a surge of chemicals, mystery, newness and a feeling of excitement.

R: Certainty creates familiarity, safety and a feeling of control.

A: Sexual attraction depends on chemistry triggers. The primary trigger for men: her looks. The primary trigger for women: his confidence

R: A healthy relationship depends on the alignment of values, respect, understanding, communication…

A: Attraction requires controlled withholding, revealing enough to tease, just like a film trailer or lingerie to build sexual tension.

R: Relationships require openness, effective communication and transparency to build intimacy.

If you cannot build sex*al attraction the moment she glances over at you or during a conversation, you’ll get painfully rejected or shoved in the dreaded friendzone.

To increase your confidence and decrease your rejection