7 Hard Truths Why You Struggle With Dating

Ever get annoyed, frustrated and put off by dating? You are not alone.

A few men consistently create beautiful connections with amazing women, while most make excuses, moan, and complain.

Before any man can get incredible results in dating, you need to work on these:

❶ You lack the patience, attitude and stamina needed for success. You expect amazing results from investing little time, effort and training into something complex as attraction and relationship dynamics.

❷ You move too fast, overexpress and get too clingy, making her push back, reject or ghost you. Your lack of self-control makes you look foolish and makes you feel ashamed.

❸ You’ve had too many painful experiences in past relationships or being single, which now holds you back, so you don’t bother or overthink to avoid future pains.

❹ Your unrealistic expectations, excessive codependency and perfectionism put too much pressure on yourself and her.

❺ Your low confidence and a weak mindset get you stuck in a self-destructive loop. After too many rejections, missed opportunities and failed dates, your BS excuses stop you from getting out there.

❻ You are afraid and hesitant to approach, talk to or ask out women you desire, therefore constantly missing delicious opportunities.

❼ You lack consistency in standards and boundaries; therefore, you end up settling or creating unhealthy relationships from a place of desperation and not wanting to be alone forever.

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