9 Common Limiting Beliefs That Hinders Dating

Your ability to create and sustain long term attraction will depend on the beliefs you hold.

Chances are you are holding some of the most damaging anti-attraction beliefs that are ruminating inside your head like an overactive hamster.

If you don’t have some of these common beliefs banished, they’ll keep you away from dating incredible women.

Limiting beliefs may include:

❶ I’m afraid to fail and fear rejection, so I won’t bother with dating.

❷ There aren’t any great women out there and I’ll never find anyone, it’s all rigged.

❸ I freeze and am unable to approach women I like.

❹ I am not the type of man an attractive woman gets attracted to.

❺ I feel embarrassed about how much I need her attention.

❻ I am not funny enough, and I cannot make her laugh.

❼ I don’t know how to turn a conversation into sexual

❽ I am not smart enough, or I’ll say something inappropriate and make myself look stupid, especially in a group of people.

❾ I don’t know what to say or I usually run out of things to say; it then gets awkward.