What Young Men Need Today

Young men need solid and frequent presence from elder, wiser and mature men to evolve, feel confident and be great men.

I was late to the party to go from a boy to man psychology (in constant progress) as I didn’t have men around me that lead from the front to learn from.

Most men have not gone or even heard of the rite of passage that is essential to a man’s mental well being.

This is a process going from boy to man.

This is one of the big reasons men and masculinity face a crisis.

Suicide is too high; anxiety is increasing as more and more men feel empty, lost and soulless.

Did you know that the first thing a child needs is belonging?

And this doesn’t change as adults. We constantly look to belong and be accepted, loved and seen.

Time to find your inner man and tribe.

Absent Male Role Models

Here we can see one of the causes where men can lose touch to learn about masculinity. It’s important for young boys to interact with healthy male role models.

As a young man, I didn’t have what I would call healthy male figures around me to learn about healthy masculinity.

The media also exacerbated the issue with poor male role models. “The result of psychological incest is the son’s using the mother as a model rather than the father, seeing the world through her eyes, sensing the world through her senses. Since she is feminine, such an identification is injurious to his discovery of himself as masculine.” Psychologist Eugene Monick