7 James Bond Charisma Secrets That’s Irresistible To Women

Love him or loathe him, there is no denying that 007 James Bond oozes more masculine charisma than Oceans 11’s cast combined.

I am focusing on the 7 charismatic traits that, when practised regularly, will make a man super charismatic in any situation.

And yes, he has a dark side too, but don’t you?

001 Grounded

007 shows up cool, calm and calculated even in the face of danger. He doesn’t overreact, sulks or runs around panicking like an over-emotional clown.

002 Killer Appearance

James Bond not only acts the part of a man on a mission but looks the part with his impeccable style. His suits are fitted, classic and pristine, not baggy or in poor taste. He looks after himself, his physique and his fitness.

003 Stoic Presence

Mr Bond’s body language undeniably exudes confidence, dominance and presence. He stands erect, doesn’t slouch, fidgets or gets flustered. He looks directly at you when he speaks and never looks away when he’s intimidated or threatened.

004 Words

You’ll notice that James Bond uses fewer but more direct words. He doesn’t waffle, talk excessively (feminine traits) or use filler words “um”, “like”, and “you know.” He takes his time and doesn’t rush for anyone, even when he’s tied up ready to be tortured.

005 Mission

James Bond doesn’t engage, waste time or energy on things that he cannot change or impact. He doesn’t needlessly worry, get frustrated or become petty but swiftly moves on to other important issues in hand. 

006 Strength

007, James Bond, is strong, hard and tough. He isn’t a wavering, fickle or indecisive man and most certainly not a pushover. He’s a risk-taker which adds to his magnetic appeal. 

007 Seduction

James Bond boosts supreme sexual confidence. He is flirtatiously charming, witty and playful without being needy or creepy. Women naturally desire men who are capable, confident and sexually at ease with beautiful women.

He also has a dark side we can learn from too and filter out the best from his character.

And remember, he’s a fictional character, so don’t get too hung up about it, but the traits are real. Otherwise, actors wouldn’t be able to play him supremely well.