What Is Charisma And Does It Require You To Be Handsome?

While our eyes can instantly identify an individual as charismatic, many men can’t seem to put the trait into words.

And as a result of not having a clear definition of charisma, most men don’t even know where to start their journey into the life of a charismatic man…

So what is charisma? And does it have anything to do with our face?

To answer your first question:

Charisma is having the quality of attaining the answer of “Yes” without ever having asked a question. 

It’s a combination of emotional, social, and self-knowledge all expressed in one’s thoughts, words, and actions.

A simple alignment of intelligence, personality and intention.

Just by having charisma, a man can boost his dating life and every aspect of life from business to even family.

So is this superpower based on how you look? 

Yes and no.

While looks can amplify your charisma, there are plenty of men that look like monsters yet have the charismatic presence of a mountain.

Trying to be a charismatic man with just your looks is like trying to travel the world in a toy plane. An attractive face puts you slightly ahead but in the end, you must still take the necessary steps to become a charismatic force of nature.

In fact, there was once an experiment where women were given a choice between handsome men who displayed uncharismatic traits and charismatic men with unattractive faces.

The charismatic men won 9 times out of 10!

Work on your charisma and the women will start looking your way regardless of how you look!

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