How To Become Charismatic! (Hidden Method According To Russell Brand!)

When it comes to attracting women and securing 2nd and 3rd dates, there isn’t a single trait men need more than charisma.

Height, strength, looks are all good but without the glue that is charisma, they fall apart and leave a lacklustre impression on any woman you’re dating.

So how does one increase this legendary trait?

The other day I was watching a video Russel Brand made on this exact topic, and he casually revealed the answer to that question.

He started off by emphasising the importance of charisma and how just by using it you can turn the illogical into the logical.

His tip to increasing this reality-bending trait is simple:

Be present. 

You might think “Of course”, but you’d be shocked how many people are trapped in their own heads when it comes to dates.

“If I say this, how would she reply?” 

“Am I boring her?”

“Why didn’t she laugh at that joke?”

And the worst part? 

Women can smell that anxiety on you and instantly judge you as uncharismatic.

By focusing on the date in front of you, you can avoid this dilemma entirely and broadcast yourself as a man overflowing with charisma.

In conclusion, keep your mind in the present and your charisma will skyrocket!
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