95% Of Men Date Like Robots – Here Are 3 Methods To Resist The Programming

We’ve all heard the famous saying: “You can do anything to a woman except bore her?”

When it comes to applying this saying, however, most men just toss it out the window…

95% of men never get the message and end up falling into the routines they read online: Starting conversations with bland openers, expecting the woman to carry the conversation, and sticking to mainstream answers that lack any sort of individuality…

Fortunately for these routine followers, there are 3 ways to fight back against their robotic dating habits.

1️⃣ Grab Her Attention With Your Craziest Story

Too many men are too scared to share their wild experiences with their dates and as a result, they end up talking about mundane topics like the weather or questions their pet…

Regardless of how you achieve it, the number 1 dating role is that the interaction must include spontaneity. 

As a matter of fact, the other day, while I was eating at a restaurant, I coincidentally listened in on a couple that looked like they were having the time of their lives.

The man shared a story of how he was robbed at gunpoint in Rwanda. And how he managed to escape his assailants by outwitting them using…

The story was outrageous enough but combined with his storytelling, confidence and body language, I can guarantee that he nailed a second date and more…

2️⃣ Stop Agreeing On Everything

Many men transform from independent thinkers to servile yes-men in the presence of a beautiful woman.

But that strategy is the worst for any man trying to maintain his charisma and confidence throughout the date.

By simply asserting your opinions with respect and confidence, you’ll quickly set yourself apart from the spineless drones who go wherever the wind pushes them.

Stop it!

3️⃣ Be Casual

Due to the growing amount of rejections men face in their day to day life, many of them develop a scarcity mindset.

Every date is treated as their last and as a result, they try anything to get the current date to succeed.

Read about one of my followers had this issue because of the lockdown.

Like a robotic machine, they try to succeed in the most efficient method.

But where’s the fun in that?

Spending every date almost exactly the same, boring yourself and your date with your rehearsed lines and atmosphere….

By taking your time and casually enjoying the ride, you can turn an unbearable date into the start of many more to come.

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