I Feel Like I’m Gonna Be Single Forever Because Of COVID

The other day, I got a message from one of my followers.

He reached out to me out of desperation to solve his non-existent dating life. 

His DM read: “My dating life is over. I feel like I’m gonna be single forever because of COVID.”

Naturally, I was curious to hear the story that led him to reach such an outrageous conclusion.

He laid out the 3 aspects of his dating life that were absolutely DECIMATED as a result of the pandemic and the lockdowns that came with it.

1️⃣ Lost His Charismatic Body Language

After spending months behind closed doors, he completely forgot how to bring his words to life using his masculine gestures. 

Completely forgetting the difference between phone calls and in-person interactions, he brought his bad habits with him on his dates:

He would slouch, avoid eye contact and fidget in his chair. Before he knew it, his date would either cut the date short or just not call him after.


  • Be mindful of your posture and maintain eye contact throughout your dates. This will convey your confidence and leave a charismatic impact in your date.

2️⃣ Abysmal Conversational Skills

Resulting from the fact that he went days without speaking to anyone during the lockdown, his conversational skills took a massive hit.

His conversations became riddled with hesitation, and he’d always cut in anxiously just when their stories were getting good…

This took away any chance of him being presented as a cool and charismatic man. He was instead instantly labelled as needy by every woman that he’d be on a date with.

It goes without saying that such behaviour guaranteed that he would never land a 2nd or 3rd date…


  • Actively listen. The last thing you want to do is turn the conversation into a competition if who gets to talk more.
  • Take time to charismatically articulate your words instead of trying to squeeze out the highest number of words in the shortest amount of time.

3️⃣ Scarcity Mindset

Because he hadn’t had a proper date in months, he treated every date as the “be all end all.”

He had zero confidence that he would allow him to secure another date; therefore, he would immediately attach himself to whichever woman agreed to date him.

It got so bad that when a woman finally agreed to go out with him for a second date, he accidentally told her he loved her… (she didn’t contact him after that).


  •  Be confident in your ability to date more women and practise self-control.

If a woman senses that you have zero confidence and that she is the only woman in your life in the early stages, then she’ll completely lose any attraction she had for you.

This is the law of preselection. Preselection is the notion that women feel attracted to men they think are desired by other women.

With these three solutions outlined, it didn’t take long for him to get back on his feet and start confident dating again.

If your dating life has also taken a lethal blow by the pandemic, click here and discover what it takes to date confidently once again.