The 5 Emotional Struggles Of The “Nice-Guy”

We all struggle emotionally.

I know I do and I know many other men do too.

The thing with negative emotional energy cannot be contained, not for long anyway.

It either leaks as bad habits or leads to unexpected self-sabotaging outbursts.

The ‘nice-guy’ (syndrome for men who complain that they are unlucky in love despite their nice guy persona) constantly struggle with 5 emotions:

1️⃣ Anger / Resentment

2️⃣ Anxiety

3️⃣ Jealousy / Controlling

4️⃣ Possessiveness

5️⃣ Mood Swings

Working on your emotions is key to a successful life and if you have unresolved issues with your emotions, they’ll show up exceptionally in dating and relationships.

A woman of a high value will spot emotional issues and walk away, no explanation given.

It’s incredibly difficult and a waste of time and energy to explain rationally to someone who is emotionally volatile.

How To Bring Emotional Stability?

The one thing I have found that brings stability is daily self-care habits.

This certainty stabilises the nervous system because it feeds our need for regularity. Regularity helps us to feel safe and secure.