Research Says Charisma Makes You Sexually Desirable

“In two studies involving more than 500 couples, Tu and colleagues measured levels of charisma, sexual desire, sexual satisfaction, and sexual communal strength.

In both studies, the researchers found that charismatic persons experienced great sexual desire and sexual satisfaction.”

Charismatic persons also displayed high levels of sexual communal strength in that they were very attentive to their partner’s sexual needs.

It should come as no surprise, then, that their partners also reported high levels of sexual and relationship satisfaction, whether they themselves were charismatic or not.”

Some people are naturally charismatic, but anyone can learn behaviors that boost charisma.”

David Ludden Ph.D.,

As a former computer geek, charisma wasn’t found in the I.T. Department. So I really struggled with dating, attraction and creating meaningful connections. 

I believe any man can improve their charisma as mentioned by Dr. Ludden.

When I injected masculine sexual charisma into my life, my love life skyrocketed.

Not only did my love life improve, but my business and friendship relationships also became healthier.

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