Masculine Frame Control – The Untimate Warrior For Sexual Attraction

“Masculine Frame Control (MFC)” is the final frontier for men to conquer, putting them in the 1% of high-value men.

You nail this most of the time; you’ll skyrocket your mature self to levels that’ll make you super charismatic and earn you undeniable respect and admiration.

If you are anxious, impulsive or distracted easily, you need to work on this yesterday!

If you suffer from the nice-guy-syndrome, reach out to me NOW, it’s urgent you fix this.

If you don’t, your dating and love life will seriously suck, and you’ll probably die a lonely life.

Without MFC control:

❌ you are easily triggered or upset

❌ easily manipulated and manipulate

❌ have emotional highs and lows

❌ taken advantage of & pushed around

❌ needy and codependent

❌ have severe inferiority complex

❌ poor mental and or physical health

❌ weak boundaries

❌ secretly not respected

If there is one area you must work on as a man, conquer your MFC. And for the ladies reading this, frame control is key work for you too, it’s a sign of emotional maturity.

To get better at this, start by leaning into discomfort and doing the hard stuff while keeping a champion’s attitude to life.

I work on my MFC daily.

It isn’t easy, actually, it’s the hardest thing ever. Remember, the weak choose the path of least resistance.

And women are not sexually attracted to a weak man. A weak man lacks the capacity to make himself and others feel safe.

If you need support with masculine frame control, send me a message and we can work on this together.

We fuc*king got this!