Masculine and Feminine Energy Chart

Every human has both Yin and Yang energies.

Most men have higher innate masculine energy and most women have higher innate feminine energy.

Our shell energy can change and mould over time depending on the environment, culture, beliefs and how we are raised.

Society is damping boys’ masculine energy to make them softer, and women are being encouraged to become more masculine. She must do, do, do!

There is nothing wrong with moving around in any energy; finding your sweet spot is where you find the most peace and connection with yourself.

Studies show that if most men spend too much time in their feminine energy, their cortisol (the stress chemical) and anxiety can rise.

Women spending too much time in their masculine energy (increased testosterone) feel stressed and unable to relax in their bodies. 

I’ve run many masculine and feminine workshops worldwide where I get the participants to let go and connect to their natural core.

The women start to radiate, and the men straighten their spines with their reclaimed masculine power.

I had one couple married for over 15 years; the wife began to cry after the exercise, saying she’s not felt her man like that in a long time. The following day he told me they made love after a very long time.

For sexual energy to spark and attraction to occur between a couple, polarity must be present. 

This explains why many women sexually fantasise about being claimed and dominated, so they can let go and surrender to their feminine essence (primary natural energy).

As an over-feminised man, I spent too much time in my unhealthy feminine and was not connected enough to my balanced masculine and balanced feminine.

My coaches helped me connect to my core and find my sweet spot. If you can be in your sweet spot 60%-80% of the time, you will have long-term sexual attraction with a woman.

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