How To Get More Dates This Christmas

If you’ve found yourself single recently or been single for quite some time, this is the perfect opportunity to capitalise on the current season.

But the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve are among the busiest for location-based dating apps.

You’ll find many people are unwilling to be alone during the festive seasons – especially at New Year’s Eve.

1. Become A Social Butterfly

Christmas is the best time to become a social butterfly and start dating; there’s no better time to put yourself out there and start mingling.

The festive time is emotional, and the single ladies are hoping Santa will give them the best Xmas present this year, especially if they’ve been naughty.

2. Mingle Where The Women Are

There are plenty of ways to meet new people, whether joining a club, taking a class, or simply attending holiday parties and events. 

Whatever you do, don’t be afraid to be your charming, confident self. The holidays are the perfect time to start fresh, so let go of your inhibitions and have fun. 

Who knows, you might just meet the love of your life this Christmas.

3. Sharpen Your Online Dating Skills

Sharpen your skills in online dating. Write something captivating and update your photos that reflect an exciting lifestyle.

If you don’t have one, you have some work to do. Women want to know what world they are entering if they were to date you.

Single women are always looking for someone who will make them feel special and don’t want to spend another year alone or have another failed date.

4. Never Do This

It’s important to have fun and keep having fun.

Don’t lose your cool when you get knockbacks or let it dampen your spirit. I know it’s very frustrating when you get rejected or friend-zoned, but remember to maintain your masculine frame control.

Men who can maintain their composure are found to be extremely attractive.

Men who become bitter, resentful and angry are unattractive; your vibe will broadcast this negative energy.

Just move on quickly and be ready for the next opportunity with charisma energy, not cracker energy.

Become better this Christmas, not bitter!!

Stay Charismatic Champ!