9 Ways To Secure The Second Date

You know when you are really enjoying your first date and already in your head you are thinking, it’s going well and I can’t wait for the second date?

And then the next day, she texts:

“Thank you for the wonderful date, I really enjoyed it and you are a great guy. After thinking about it, I don’t think I felt the chemistry. Best of luck!”

Getting a second date can be very tricky because you can subtly do something to turn her off or not build enough chemistry in the first place.

Also, there could be something going on in her world which can make her pull back or change her mind. You don’t have to figure her out, just your actions.

A couple of days ago, one of my clients, a man in his 40s, very successful and well presented did all the right things on the first date to begin with.

His date was a woman in her late 20s and she was very keen, but as the evening wore on, she lost attraction for him.

So what happened? 

After our coaching session, he realised that his energy became needy as he was getting more invested in her, in other words, he was getting too keen too soon…

…you see, women are masters at picking up little nuances of a man’s energy.

If you lack the masculine charisma energy, a feminine woman won’t feel the chemistry and there will be no second date or the bedroom.

As the NORTH of a magnet attracts the SOUTH, the masculine attracts the feminine.

In this situation, my client broke two rules, rule  2️⃣ and  6️⃣ by coming across as too needy.

Here are 9 rules to ensure you get the second date:

1️⃣ Be Reliable

2️⃣ Exude Masculine Charisma

3️⃣ Always Lead

4️⃣ Speak Authentically

5️⃣ Create Safety

6️⃣ Create Mystery

7️⃣ Be Present

8️⃣ Listen Intently

9️⃣ Don’t Impress

You don’t have to get these rules perfect, but if you break them, you’re going to miss the opportunity for the second date.