7 Ways To Be Natural And Not Awkward Around Women

Ever received an awkward look because you laughed at the wrong time, tried too hard to fit in or made a comment out of context because you didn’t read the situation well?

That was me many years ago.

I know what it’s like to be socially awkward in large groups or new people. Secretly I hated social interactions because I really sucked at them.

For most men, being natural around women is a challenge as their brain is  geared more for logic communication than emotional communication most of the time.

If you witness tribes, men spend most of their time hunting in silencee to conserve energy and only communicate strategies (data, facts and figures).

Women are connecting and bonding with other women and children, sharing emotions.

This is why most men struggle with connecting with women as she’s talking emotion; he’s talking facts and figures, making her feel disconnected.

And he’s feeling disrespected because she’s not acknowledging his logic.

When it comes to attraction, women value and require men to have social intelligence.

For her, this signals confidence and strength.


Confidence and strength help men survive and increase their status, making them valuable providers and protectors.

Men no longer have to be stuck in their instinctual place; they can quickly work on being more conscious and bridge the gap.

Here are seven rules you can follow to demonstrate your social value around women or any social setting.

❶ Lean back, relax and don’t try to impress or look for approval 

❷ Lean in to get curious and be present

❸ Confidently create a playful connection

❹ Lead, but don’t force things to happen

❺ Speak with authority and humbleness

❻ Tease, tell stories and build intrigue

❼ Never surrender your masculine frame

“Nice-guy-syndrome” sufferers have a deep-rooted belief that “I’m not good enough,” so they believe that unless they do it perfectly, it won’t work.

This is simply not true and the reason why nice-guys procrastinate or never get things done.

I still make dynamic social and attraction mistakes, but my foundation work is strong enough to often make a charismatic impression in any situation. I have bad days too.

To get socially confident, hang out with proficient men with higher social intelligence than you; their charisma will amplify yours.

And those who want to get there quicker, send me a message, and I’ll share training options you can access immediately to become socially and sexually irresistible.