7 Ways To Be Irresistibly Good With Women

Have you ever thought:

Why do I fear talking to women?

Why do women keep rejecting me?

Why doesn’t she want to date or sleep with me?

Why did she quickly lose interest?

Why do I attract lunatic women?

Why am I hopeless with women while others make it easy?

Although there may be several reasons on her end for not desiring you, take action and focus on the areas you can control, such as improving your attraction, dating, and relationship skills.

Generally, guys with little to no ‘conscious dating’ experience end up settling in mediocre relationships with women they don’t desire or worse, end up in toxic relationships with women who are big ballache.

You will not know what you want in a woman if you lack conscious dating experience and have experienced different women.

Being hopeless with women is failing at one of your core life areas as a man. This creates an intense amount of shame, embarrassment and envy. You keep thinking, when will it be my turn?

You can have a great career, an amazing house and everything else can be going great in your life, but if you lack the ability to get the woman you want, this gaping void will eat you alive in bitter loneliness and resentment.

So here are 7 ways to start building a vital skill all masculine men must master:

  1. Consistently go out and start meeting and interacting with women to gain a conscious understanding of what works and what doesn’t. Stop guessing and working on autopilot.
  2. Don’t wait for fate or luck to meet the woman you want – your life isn’t a Disney movie. Lack of action and conscious experience leads to frustration, bitterness and relationship turmoil. Immediately take control and learn how to be good with women in general.
  3. Fixating on a specific woman just because she is hot makes you act reactively, and it puts you into scarcity mode. This anxiety is a huge turn-off as it broadcasts weakness. Focus on improving your overall skills with women and being a masculine man; you’ll have no shortage of desirable women.
  4. Being good with women in general will help you get the specific woman you want from an abundance of options, and also keep her by avoiding neediness, jealousy, insecurity, and fear.
  5. Learning to be good with women will improve your confidence and social skills, benefitting you in all areas of your life such as social events, business networking and parenting.
  6. Never settle or get into a relationship before you have had enough dating and relationship experience to know what you really want. Men who are not good with women fuse quickly and ignore red flags. They also lack the guts to end a failing relationship fearing abandonment and wait for her to do something about it.
  7. Women desire men who are confident and capable with women. Being a failure with women can be a major source of unhappiness and insecurity, but it is a fixable problem that can be improved with practice and guidance. You can get help now to fill in your competent gaps.

Great dates, relationships, and sex just doesn’t happen; it takes conscious effort, study and constant practising.

Inexperience is a great way to kill attraction and connections, but you have to start somewhere. Just don’t do it when you get married.