Is Your Face Costing You Dates? The Shocking Truth About the ‘Soyboy’ Look

Nice-guys everywhere are giving women the ick, aka the creepy vibes, with one obvious body-language mistake making her dry as dehydrated lips.

You see them on the dance floor… you see them in the street…

… he is the guy that stands in the corner by himself or gets in your face.

He unexpectedly shows up on your Instagram reel… on your Twitter feed … in your Facebook posts….

Introducing the soy boys.

The SOY FACE harbours the creepiest smiles on the internet…

This ever-people-pleasing face is moulded across our young generation of weak males, the incels.

The soyboy face instantly conveys a sense of weakness and fear of conflict or danger to a woman.

It’s reminiscent of a dog rolling over and exposing its belly as a sign of submission, illustrating the human tendency to display submissive behaviour through the soyface facial expression.

This embarrassing feature is a deadly attraction repellent and amongst men, it strips you of respect, dignity and authority.

Smiling from ear to ear and widely exposing your teeth as if you’ve just lost your virginity to Megan Fox instantly gives women the ick and men feel like punching your lights out.

The ick is a disgusting feeling you’d get if a homeless woman who’s not brushed her teeth in 3 months came for a kiss.

The ick factor can be a deeply ingrained emotional response that is difficult to overcome, even if we try to rationalise our aversion.

Smiling too frequently and with exaggeration loses your credibility and power.

Ever met someone extremely friendly and in the back of your mind, you unconsciously become untrusting and vary of them? Your mind instantly started to think, why are they so friendly? What do they want?

For women, being friendly and likeable has historically been about gaining attention. 10,000 years ago, attention allowed women to gain access to important resources necessary for survival and mating.

This behaviour often included smiling, being friendly and flirty. If she went over the top, it backfired.

On the other hand, men were more likely to rely on their confidence and competence as a means of obtaining resources. 

These traits were seen as indicative of a man’s ability to provide for himself and his family and have access to the most desirable women.

Despite changes in societal norms, these historical patterns are deeply ingrained in our psychology software. As a result, many people still need to please others to gain access to resources, and the tribe leave rare opportunities and not out.

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